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Made in Mosjøen


Director   Aleksander L. Nordaas

  • Norway


"Made in Mosjøen" is a fourth-wall-breaking webseries about fishguns, dead cats and some special cheese. The different characters' more or less offbeat struggles and goals cross and entwine, at the same time as the city of Mosjøen is under threat by a common enemy - litterary pulling people down the drains.


Director  Misti Boland

  • United States



In the 1860s, a group of 200 men stormed across the border of Missouri. They descended into Lawrence, Kansas and killed every man they could find. They burned the buildings to the ground and as Kitty Mae watched in horror, they gunned down her twelve-year-old son. Unable to see anything but revenge, Kitty Mae abandoned what was left of her life and went on the trail, tracking down and killing every man involved with the taking of her son’s life.

Shakespeare Republic

Director: Sally McLean

  • Australia




From Hamlet in a bathtub to Juliet as one half of a same sex couple, Shakespeare Republic is a collective of Australian-based actors who have come together to celebrate Shakespeare, his works and his enduring legacy, through sharing their interpretation of his words and thoughts, via settings and circumstances that are familiar to a 21st Century audience. 

A web series with performances from Michala Banas (Always Greener), Alan Fletcher (Neighbours), Ben Steel (Home & Away), Sally McLean (Utopia), Rowena Hutson (Strong Female Character) and Billy Smedley (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) this is deliberately Shakespeare with a difference! 




Director  Nick Rusconi

  • Switzerland


His name is Arthur, and he is a serial killer. He wants to quit, though. Will he succeed?

Gifted Corporation

Director: Rose of Dolls & Oliver Mend

  • Spain



A webseries that meets the unknown, the extraordinary, the gifted. Sean and Silva, who guide us throughout the story, are trying to track down a mysterious coin killer, meeting thriller, action, science fiction and fantasy and amazing new people on their way. People who are special, who are unique, who are GIFTED.



Directors  Spinassou Cedrick    Lucas Rue

  • France


SELF STORY is a simple concept: As we follow the life of the not so heroic Adalbert Hawking a genius but clumsy inventor who is searching for love, you choose what will happen next. This web series is made for you and scripts are written after your choices. This show is yours!

Diamondz in a rough

Director: Diamondz Web Series

  • United States


Web series based off of book Diamondz in a rough seven women travel the journey known as life together. Together they learn valuable lessons together and soon realizing life isn't always a fairytale.

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