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Little Shimajiro

Director  Isamu Hirabayashi

  • Japan


Shimajiro is a little tiger boy living in a quiet forest. His mischievousness gets him into trouble with some bees, which chase him all over the forest. Shimajiro manages to lose them, but in his anger at being chased, he accidentally kicks a family of turtles, and then falls into a hole because he’ s isn’ t looking. Many of the forest’ s residents try to help him, but they fail to pull him out of the hole. Although these creatures are only trying to help, Shimajiro takes his frustration out on them and hurts their feelings. Eventually, he is rescued—but by the last creature he expected. The story explores how kindness is passed down to young children through acts of kindness performed by others, and how being kind to others can bring joy to children and help them grow as people.

HeavenKid: Time-Space Door

Director  Derrick, Yung-Te, Wu

  • Taiwan



ToTo by accident opened a device that transformed a chessboard into a Space Door. So, he and Ahya could become anything they wanted, going anywhere they wished. They fought with each other while playing out many different roles. This means they would be locked within, unable to escape. HeavenKid used his magic to awaken them teaching them the book Di-Zi-Gui. Finally, they having learnt their wrongs, corrected their ways, averting the crisis.


Director Alexis Chaviaras

  • Cyprus

A young mare visits Cyprus to take part in races. Frustrated from failure, she abandons the racetrack after confronting her strict father. The mare will meet new friends who will try to help her find her lost courage.

Si Lunchai

Director: Hannes Rall

  • Germany


The poor yet smart trickster Si Lunchai triumphs over the cruel king. An adaptation of an Indonesian legend, inspired by the style of the Southeast Asian shadow puppet play “Wayang Kulit.



Director: Pedro Solís Garcçia

  • Spain

María’s routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.

Little Attic

Director  Maiia Fazulina

   Russian Federation



The animated film is based on a philosophical tale by Maiia Fazulina (11 years). The main idea is that people are full of thoughts since childhood. But thoughts can be different. It is important not to get lost among them and value good thoughts.

Adventures of Malia

Director: Shubhavi Arya

  • India


In order to save her home from rampant pollution, a little girl goes in search of a magical spell and transforms into a mermaid.

The Wonderful World of Chinese Characters

Director  Shan-Pen Lin

  • Taiwan




Created by ancient Chinese god Cang Jie, Chinese characters were endowed with divine powers that could exorcise the devils. Unfortunately, after circulating for thousands of years, the beautiful, divine Chinese characters were radically modified in some areas. The modified Chinese characters no longer had the powers.

Therefore, Cang Jie dispatched Grandpa Brush, accompanied by Wen Tong and Xiao Qian, to the world to help people understand Chinese characters and Chinese culture.

Do you know that chicken symbolizes good fortune in ancient China? According to the legend, they used to be phoenixes in heaven. So, what brought them to earth? The evolution of the Chinese character "chicken" leads out an interesting story…


The No Face Doll

Director: C.A. MacFinn

  • United States


Using the language of Computer Animation, The No Face Doll translates a Haudenoshaunee Native American wisdom tale into modern language for the current generation. By following the journey of a vain doll, the fable warns children against vanity.

The Big-Headed Boy

Director: Collective of young people oriented by Nelson Fernandes

  • Portugal



A big-headed little boy is being bullied. At night, with the howl of a wolf, he finds the solution for his problem.

Adverse Reaction


Director: Lai Wei

  • United Kingdom



The animation is about a patient who takes an aspirin, but suffers bad adverse reaction which gives him strange and incomprehensive hallucination. I want to show that during the innovation of medicine in Victoria time, there was little control of the drug and medicines used by patient and because of many accidents were possible in pharmacy.

Animal Circus

Nadia Scholnick

  • United States


What frog can resist The Amazing Edna and her clarion call to run away and join the circus? Pierre's life path seems well planned by his parents: After graduation he will join his father selling grasshoppers at the family-run store: Kaplan and Son's Gnatatorium and Fly Shoppe. But, when Pierre's roommate takes him on a surprise outing, he's dazzled, charmed, and utterly transformed by watching the human (and not-quite-human) performers at the Animal Circus. Who knew humans could be trained to dance, speak, and even ice skate on command? After visiting the Animal Circus, suddenly, new options and choices become available, and Pierre must decide between following his family's wishes or chasing a dream that is all his own.



Director: Kristen Pileri & Kate Coffey

  • United States


A curious little dog finds magical glasses that allow him to see and spread color throughout the city of Paris.

A little star

Director: Svetlana Andrianova

  • Russian Federation


Adventure of a little star on Christmas night.

Creepy Mirror

Director  Rafael Ervolino

  • Brazil

Willard shouts at his own reflection in the mirror, and for his surprise, his reflection reacts!

"A Few Words About Your Self "

Director: Svetlana Andrianova

  • Russian Federation

Falling Girl

Director Marko Kacanski

  • Serbia



Girl jumps from the top of skyscraper.
While slowly fall she better understands the world and the people around her.
Everything is as usual. Day and night are shifting, people enjoy at parties
in apartments she's falling by.
From her perspective everything looks better, marvelous. Sunset behind the nearby river.
Miniature cars and people far below her.She has the feeling that she's late.
Individuals without excitement are commenting her fall.
Soon she realize that she's not alone in the falling.



Directors  Guy Shahaf  Shir Pakman

  • Israel



After finding her pet fish dead, the little girl gives her goldfish a decent burial.

Rhodes Learns from the Things

Director Alex Pop

 The teacher tells Rhodes and the other children that all people are the same, later he hears the things in the class talking and tells them what he just learned. In the end he gets confused at home when he finds out from his father that people don't eat the same amounts of food. He decides he has to let his teacher know about this discovery.



Directors  Guy Shahaf

  • Israel

Dutch themed animation is inspired by M.C Escher, his work of art and the paradox within his creations.

Golden Bird

Director: Debraj Sarkar

  • India


A child came to his village home and listens a story from his grandmother. In earlier days the elders used to tell stories of imaginary characters to encourage children. Those imaginary things captured the children too much that they remained with them even in their later years. In this tale a grandmother captured the confined life of a child with that very story.
A child's life should be formed of independent, colourful things of imagination. Nowadays children are spending a confine life since childhood. Their life is colourless. They doesn't have the chance of indulging in imagination. Since childhood they become part of a mechanical life. Less people live in a village. Still a child is not bereft of company. On the other hand in spite of so many people in the city, man is confined in loneliness. Nothing is so painful for a child life being confined to a place.The Golden Bird is a symbol here disappearing fear enlightens one's mind.

Green teeth


Director: Svetlana Andrianova

  • Russian Federation


Once there was a boy who lived in a house. The boy named Kolja.
He studied badly, not well at all
There was always something that distracted him from lessons. For example there was one girl in class.. and in general...
And then new school principle came and said:
-summon the boy called Kolja to my office !


Director  Flávia Trevisan

  • Brazil

H2Obby tells the story of Hobby, a very curious little dog that develops with an ice cube a friendship which, with the evolution of the facts, becomes a challenge to keep.


Director Liz Moschen

  • Brazil



A young boy wakes up with a simple gift from his mother...but it wasn't what he expected at all! With his mother's encouragement, he will find out that a book is much more than it seems to be.

In Black

Director: Lai Wei

  • United Kingdom


A young girl is faced with the issue of bereavement in this emotional and evocative short film. Ignored by the adults in her family, she finds her own way to say goodbye.

Koala Park

Director: Rafael Nogueira Figueiredo

  • Brazil



In a peaceful park, a boy will have his greatest dream come true: to have real contact with nature. Much to his surprise, he will end up playing with forces beyond his comprehension.


Director  Hajime Kimura

  • France

The cage bird dreams of clouds

Little Attic


Director: Maiia Fazulina

  • Russian Federation


The animated film is based on a philosophical tale by Maiia Fazulina (11 years). The main idea is that people are full of thoughts since childhood. But thoughts can be different. It is important not to get lost among them and value good thoughts.

Out foxing the Termite


Directors Drew Lewis

  • United States


A funny cartoon about a fox named Side who gets even with a pesky termite.

Paths of Light

Director: Nelson Fernandes

  • Portugal



"Paths of Light" is an abstract poetic journey that appeals the observer pure imagination.


Director: Bianca Howell

  • United Kingdom



"Resilience" recounts the tale of a young Mongolian girl's coming of age as she journeys up a mountain to find closure for something she's lost.

Rolling Stones


Directors  Leon Livshitz

  • Israel



Grumpy and Smiley are two stones, rolling downhill…


Director  Katie Lyons

  • Ireland

Two brothers discover that growing up is something that needs to be learnt, not forced.

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