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Annabel Lee

Director: Carl T. Rogers

  • United States


Annabel Lee is based on the original haunting romance poem penned by Edgar Allan Poe. It is the story of a husband and wife who are torn apart when angels plot against them. This short film is a fantasy re-imagining of Poe’s story, and is visually told between the lines of the poem. Also, it is a period piece, set in the Antebellum South. Legend becomes myth.

ALL SHALL BE WELL - The Revelations of Blessed Julian of Norwich

Director: Sara Binelli

  • Italy



Towards the end of the 14th century, a woman called Julian lives in a cell, near a church. She is an anchorite and she is not the only one to have chosen this life. In her town Norwich in fact, at that time there were about 30 of them. But Julian is particular. Her choice came after having received Revelations from God, that she meditated for 20 years before writing them down. She is the first woman to ever write a book in English. Pope Benedict XVI said about her: “Julian of Norwich understood the central message for spiritual life: God is love and it is only if one opens oneself to this love, totally and with total trust, and lets it become one's sole guide in life, that all things are transfigured, true peace and true joy found and one is able to radiate it.”

Game On

Director: Jennie Crystle

  • United States


On a Monday morning gone wrong, a creative mother of a hectic family, and corporate manager, is challenged to pitch a big contract to her company. After overcoming hilarious obstacles before work, she discovers the support she needs for success has been there all along.

Three The Movie

Director: Elisabetta Minen and Yassine Marco Marroccu

  • Italy


The reconstruction of the micro(?)universe of illegal immigrants
in the Northeast of Italy, the lives of three boys, the yearning for happiness, the equality of diversity. The plot leads to philosophical, visionary, surreal dimensions,
It’s a poetic disenchantment.

Drama Station

Director  Kyle Nieva

  • Philippines



Drama Station tells the story of a student who tries to find a way to escape from all the reverberations of her poor life choices in the past. She goes to a secluded place to shut herself off from the world and loosen up; however, she comes across a stranger who makes her do an about-turn.



Director: Kyle Nieva

  • Philippines

The film narrates the story of a boy named Sanun and his emotionally distant father. Sanun has never raised his heart to joy as others had and his father seems to be the same due to an untold reason. As he tries to understand the world through his father's eyes, Sanun searches for an explanation and encounters an almost unrecognizable feeling - a feeling that changes his previously held perceptions about his father and brings about dramatic change in their relationship.

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