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Apparition is a story of a man whose flat becomes a pilgrimage site after he discovers a mysterious stain on his bedroom wall, which the local religious community considers to be an apparition of Virgin Mary. The clash between the main character’s scepticism and the faith of those around him leads to a moving conclusion.






A RHYMING GHOST-STORY W, a mysterious creature, lives hidden in the Globe Theater. He speaks in verse and is in love with the theater , Shakespeare, and a young actress who has to face an audition . What will he do for love ?

Jewish Blind Date

Director: Anaëlle Morf

  • Switzerland


Unhappy in love, Mary Lou decides to reconnect with her religious roots by marrying a practicing Jew. In order to get married, she has to pass the Shidduch test, which will determine whether her life will be a success or failure.



Director  Gaël Zaks

United Kingdom


From award winning director of "Une douce jeunesse" (Sweet One Youth) Gaël Zaks comes this comedy of manners set in Paris. Two men who don't know each other, an American and a Frenchman, meet up in an apartment concerning a very important topic to the both of them...

When Edith´s Bell Toll

Directors Ades Zabel  Biggy van Blond, Nicolai Tegeler 

  • Germany


Edith Schröder loves to grumble throughout the holiest time of the year – Christmas.
In the end the desire for having a cosy, fluffy Christmas eves wins, and Edith’s best
friends Biggi and Jutta manage to persuade her to spend the festive days together.
Christmas a la Neukölln Berlin style.
A roast goose from the next gas station, a sour red wine for 1,99€, the red cabbage
in it’s most beautiful white colour and a brown sauce which is not clearly
definable. The dinner is a disaster itself. But Edith is strong and resistant. After
discovering Edith’s depressive bonsai Christmas tree decoration, Jutta decides to
carry her artsy white Christmas tree into Edith’s flat. While Biggi, the all in leopard
style dressed blondie, gets surprised by her mother’s visit, and confronted with her
past. Biggi’s daughter Ilonka lives with her grandmother, and granny wants to go on a
trip to Mallorca, without the child. So Biggi ends up being forced to have her daughter
with her on Christmas eve.

Keep It Kosher

Director  Dani Schoffman

  • U S A


Two Israeli backpackers find themselves with no money or a place to stay in NYC a few days before their flight home. They go to a Chabad house and ask the rabbi for help. He tells them that if they can watch the house for him for a few days while he goes to a concert in Las Vegas he will give them the money they need. They agree but of course he doesn't make it back in time and they are forced to dress up like rabbis and perform the Passover Seder instead of him without anyone blowing their cover, especially not the Chabad inspection rabbi.

Colours Of Edziza

Director: Mike Schauch, Chantal Schauch & Matt Miles

  • Canada



This extraordinary journey begins with two leaders from different worlds—a member of the Tahltan Nation and leader among his people looking to pass his teachings on to his kin, and a West Coast mountaineer and investment professional seeking new adventure while exploring his own connection to the land. Brought together by their passion for learning from the land, they are joined by two younger Tahltans, an artist and an 18 year old youth, to traverse one of the last, great untamed places on earth. Venturing deep into the remote and rugged mountains of the Tahltan territory in northern British Columbia, the two leaders discover a new shared connection, one that would allow them to put their differences aside and accomplish this incredible traverse together. See for trailer.


Director  Stephane Guenin



Three men en route to the Moon. One should have stayed home...

Like in the movies


Director  Francesco Faralli 



Following his cinephile passion Daniele Bonarini (from the Association "Il Cenacolo Francescano") realizes digital feature films (parodistic and naive) shot with the enthusiastic support of friends and volunteers using disabled persons as actors.

Virgin Susie And The Holy Sisters From Petah-Tikva

Director: Dafna Peled

  • Israel



Susie dreams of losing her virginity. Things get complicated when she finds out her destiny is to become a holy virgin!


Director: Cristian Sulser

  • Switzerland


Theo lives in a loveless and dull relationship with Barbara, his wife of 45 years. In secret, he imagines what it would be like to get away from this bleak existence. But what is there to do?
Week after week, Barbara sets up the game of Scrabble. But one day, the game presents an unexpected and magical opportunity for Theo. Could it be possible that a few simple letters could bring Theo’s dark fantasies to life? Is it possible that a chosen word determines his and Barbara’s destiny? Is there a change of getting away with murder?




Yoni and Einatti could have been lovers. But Yoni chose to take it by force. Now Einatti is out
for revenge since society and family ignore her in her sorrow. At the same time “He”
discovered (or hallucinated) that his fiancée is a prostitute behind his back in their love nest
as her business… Is this true or false??! And how shall they close this awkward relationship?

Janne of Love

Director: Vilma Kartalska

  • Bulgaria



„Janne of love” is a humorous investigation of the communicational problems, cultural differences and prejudices of contemporary Europeans. Bulgarian, Finnish and English language “get along, hide real intentions and clash” just like the characters, pointing out the invisible borders in a globalized world.

The wild journey starts in Bulgaria, where Millitsa and Anni meet two Finnish boys – Timo and Ilkka. Beer is flowing, the temperatures are getting high, so as the passions. After getting intoxicated and recklessly breaking the law, the feelings of the main characters evolve and culminate in a shameless love confession on the dance floor.


Easy Reappearance

Director: Guillaume Levil

  • France


Anne, a fity-years-old woman with a bourgeois mentality, listens to a message secretly intended for her husband: a man makes an appointment with him in a gay club where you must give the password, « Easy Reappearance »...

A date

Director: Olga Korotko

  • Kazakhstan


The date goes wrong, when the guy starts to have some stomach problems...

A Chance Encounter

Directors  Justin Pechberty  Samir Hamiche

  • France



Man encounters his decade older self.



Directors Jérôme Steinberg

  • France



Two pilgrims are on the paths of Compostela, and feel called by this incantation to challenge themselves and show their true colors: "Ultreïa!"


5 Ways 2 Die

Director: Daina Papadaki

  • Cyprus


Makis explores different ways of death, struggling to achieve the most ideal result.

Dead is a Good Look For You


Directors  Aidan West

  • Canada


Molly, the ghost of a 15 year old girl who died in 1985, enlists the help of Kaitlyn, a 20 year old gothic girl, to help get revenge on her high school bully. Only now, that high school bully is a lonely middle-aged man.

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