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The Way Out

Director   Mikhail Uchitelev

  • Germany



Almost all the Jews get deported or killed in the first weeks of the Nazi's occupation of a city. A theater director (ethnically German) rescues and hides an opera diva, Jewess, from the Nazis in the cellar of the theater. The Nazi commandant begins hunting for hidden Jews and the opera diva is the most wanted one. After the Nazi patrol has witnessed the opera diva at the entrance of the theater, the Nazi commandant issues an ultimatum to the director of the theater: the director is required either to bring the opera diva to the Nazi Commandant's office or is promised to be shot. The theater director and the opera diva are trying to find the way out on their own way.

The last Jew in the village

Director Rufat Asadov

  • Azerbaijan

Abandoned village- founded by mountain Jews in Azerbaijan in the 19th c. There is a Jewish cemetery near the village. An old man (Meyer) is working at the grave. He is the only Jew who stays in this village. He has been living in this village for all his lifetime. He knows everything about history of this village, and he's the only nexus between the Past of this Jewish village and the Present time.
His parents, his wife and his neighbors are buried in this cemetery. He is looking after the graves. He knows the life story of every Jew buried here indeed!
He has six children, they have left the village a long time ago. They would like to take care of him, but he rejects. A way to the Land of Covenant is open for him. His children are waiting for him. But Meyer considers he has to stay in the village. What’s a reason of that?

Tantric Symphony

Director   Boris Grachevsky

  • Russian Federation

Few people will like it when someone intrudes into their evenly-paced life. The well-planned daily routine suddenly suffers drastic changes and you can’t do anything about it. The situation takes control of you and not vice versa. Anyone can find himself in similar circumstances irrespective of his social status, religious and political views. Only names and settings change. Kirill Krasnin is a world-famous composer and director of symphony music. He has many concerts to his credit but like all talented people Kirill hates the limelight. He prefers the calm and solitude of his country house where he can compose oblivious of the world around him. Somewhere out there in real life there is his former wife and his grown-up son who sometimes takes an interest in his father’s life. His inner circle consists of his housekeeper Nina Vasilievna, the pestilent agent Lukinov and the mongrel outside his backyard who is as suspicious of the world as the protagonist himself. Yulia, the daughter of Nina Vasilievna, turns up uninvited in this drab well-established life having escaped from her lover. She does not fit into this world: she is young, slightly vulgar, but alive and inquisitive. His encounter with Yulia forces Kirill to reevaluate his attitude to life. She attracts him by her childish naiveté and straightforwardness.




Director  Konstantin  Sukharkov

    Russian Federation






Driven by greed, the characters find themselves at a crossroad where they choose money instead of love. A mysterious, but at the same time, very realistic story about human values and relationships.

All the other things

Director Egor Chichkanov

  • Russian Federation



Big family in the middle of a rather chaotic move from their family nest, a large apartment where all of them have lived most of their lives. The eldest son, along with numerous relatives, is trying to get his mother to open the door after she has locked herself in her room and refused to leave.

Bride Sabina

Director  Nurtas Adambay

  • Kazakhstan



Sabina is Almaty-girl, daughter of wealthy parents. All her life is one big party and European brands. Her dream of childhood is to get married to Arab Sheikh and move out of Kazakhstan to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to live on Jumeirah Beach.


Director Novokshonov Dmitriy

  • Russian Federation

Three days a year for 16 years tens of thousands of people come from all over the country to become part of the main adventure of the summer - the music festival “Invasion”. Who are these people and what makes them come year after year to this major event. Who is behind the stage and creates the holiday for lovers of rock music. This film will make you plunge into the heart of the festival and learn it from the inside.



Director: Mikhail KOSYREV-NESTEROV

Russian Federation

The young man (Artem Alekseev) - after a long break is coming from Russia to visit her mother, a long time living in France. The dramatic events of a single day - a meeting with mother overturn the life of the hero and his sisters (Adele Exarchopoulos).

House on the Edge of the Planet


Directors  Alex Sobolev

  • Ukraine


A child with PTSD struggles in a country and family at war, learning to dream big once again.

Deal With The Devil

Director Ekaterina Kretova

  • Russian Federation

Opencast mines are full of dreamy locals who wish to find gold and to get-rich-quick.
Despite the shine of the golden metal in the Republic of Mali, inhabitants are forced to work days and nights to feed their families. Madi, 31, a poor teacher quits his favorite job to find gold and to buy a house. Dealers and speculators benefit from the simple workers: by coercing locals to descend into dangerous mines. Everyone works there: men, women and even children are ready to try their luck inside one of the dark mines. Exotic and African mysterious world never ceases to attract foreigners, as well as locals are no longer afraid to make a deal with the Devil.

The Testament

Director  Oleksandra Geylyk

  • Germany


"If someone comes to my grave at Roshashana, gives a coin to charity, and says the ten Psalms, i will pull him out from the depths of Gehinnom!" So wrote Rabbi Nachman, one of the founders of the Breslov Hasidic movement, who lived in Ukraine at the end of the 18th century. His testament is still fulfilled today. Every year more than 30.000 hasids from all over the world travel to his grave in the small city of Uman. In this way jewish tradition comes to life again, in a place where, since the pogroms of the Haidamakes in 18th century until Holocaust, many jews have been murdered.

Free days

Director: Artem Moskalev

  • Russian Federation


The film is about a guy who takes part in a searching operation for a missing person for his first time. Some villages, a city. Announcements and people. He goes there because of his own confusion. Bus stops. Forest. An attempt to save himself



Directors Fabricio Heider

  • Argentina


Soldaten is a short about crossed destinies and misunderstanding at the very end of World War II. Three men will meet and miss each other in a fateful final day.

Yuri on the Phone


Directors  Rene Nuijens

  • Netherlands


‘Yuri on the Phone’ is a dry tragic short comedy featuring Serbian film diva Rada Đuričin (1934) as a woman whose passion for Yuri Gagarin (1934-68) is still as strong as when it was first set aflame in 1961.

Every Other

Director: Nikolay Kotyash

  • Russian Federation


Anna Andreevna finds out loss of her purse at the restaurant room and calls for law enforcement officers…

The Gentleman

Director: Nikolay Kozlov

  • Russian Federation


Picture about different generations views on the current political processes in Russia. As well as the love of an adult son to the stepmother. The end is tragic, the death of the head of the family. Based on a short story by Ivan Bunin "the Gentleman from San Francisco".

An ordinary person

Director: Olga Korotko

  • Kazakhstan


A girl with a huge burn all over her face finally gets a hope to have a normal look, to integrate into society, but for this she needs to pass through some challenge.

february 28

Director Diana Galimzyanova

  • Russian Federation

Guarded and aloof cancer survivor is trying to return to the normal life and forget the horrors of the defeated disease that are still haunting her. She finds a new job but it seems that she has nothing in common with other people. Socially withdrawing herself, she is stuck inside her own world filled with despair and flashbacks.

Bombard the headquarters

Director: Stepan Grusha

  • Russian Federation


Bombard the Headquarters" is a topical movie; its plot develops around the political situation of the 2014 and, more precisely, the influence of this situation on the minds and actions of the intelligent youth. Russia, St. Petersburg. Summer 2014. Young actors, artists and just some hipsters do nothing, but argue and laugh about Maidan, the right sector and the DPR (Donetsk People's Republic). They get drunk and try to solve their love problems - but, all of a sudden, political hysteria starts creeping into the story from the outside world, and, unexpectedly, it changes the main character, who at the beginning was totally indifferent to politics. From now on, it is not clear to him, where the border between drunken nonsense and frightening reality lies.

The guard

Director  Viktor Krasovski

  • Belarus

Night watchman with a large criminal past and present hopeless, drank a large dose of sleeping pills that would die. In the suicide note passed all of his former friends. But in the morning it happened that he was not dead, and has sent a note to return. And here and the police, because he mischief night

The Judge



Directors  Lyli Neya

  • Russian Federation


The film is talking about modern Russian society and tragic realities the judicial system in Russian Federation.
Strong as concrete and well-established law enforcement system cracked when an simple guy took gun and avenged to corrupted judge, because she made unfair judgement to his father, that died in prison lately.

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