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The Keys

Artist: Joe Hoster

  • Switzerland




"Art wholly belongs to the horizon of our minds"


Artist: Stephen Moore

  • United States


Music truly is life, its all around us,literally..

The Magician

Director: Andrew Rubin (composer) and Thom Lu (animation)

  • United States


A whimsical animated music video set to Andrew Rubin’s musical composition, “The Magician” tells a loose story of a failing street performer who gains attention through playing tricks on others. Before long, playful mischief turns into catastrophe in a small town.

Superstar by Chickahominy Vibe



Authors   Francis E Anderson

  • United States


Nothing to fear, nothing to lose and we’re tired of losing, hold on to your dreams,
Do what you will, do what you like, and I’m feeling crazy, baby make me scream,
Out of control, I feel your fire and your hunger as it burns inside of me,
Superstar fever, it’s getting hotter than the girls they show on late TV yeah
So are you good or evil (welcome to the show)
Now I’m a true believer (not too far to go), one time,
Well are we good or evil, (wouldn’t you like to know), hey
Well I’m a true believer, (man they sure can blow) CV, two times . .

"Sestina for a Cashier",

Director  Dorit Weisman



Sestina is a poem with a highly structured form that dates from the 12th-century. The film "Sestina for a Cashier", in which poet Dorit Weisman reads her sestina at a supermarket, follows a supermarket cashier's stream of consciousness, in which the bar-code numbers and item quantities mingle with scattered thoughts and worries. Weisman’s film challenges the social order by giving center stage to a woman cashier, a generally anonymous presence in our… lives. The monotonous reading of items and their bar code numbers brings us to understand the daily grind of people who perform the dull work of punching numbers and items into a cash register.

Los Tunners - 8:47


Authors  Roberto Dueñas  Alexis Cázares

  • Mexico



8:47 are, today is blue shirt time
a blues and an engine knows where we'll get
arriving to the bar
those eyes told me: do not come any closer
I did not care, if you resist it will give taste

at half light, that look that before denied me
I became a dream she dreamed nor
I fell in love and said goodbye to me

ufff... did i say love?


בוקר טוב עולם

Director  Dorit Weisman



Following surgery to remove a growth from her breast, the director recites a poem of praise to everything around her, to her body, to existence, to the world.
Whilst reading the poem on the backdrop of everyday activity, the unique, physical location is revealed, where she stands and reads the poem, a place which is a metaphor for the power of life and the strength of self healing, contained within each woman and everyone.

Official Music Video for the film "Grafomafia" - "Carousel" by "Pizza"


Authors  Sergey Prikazchikov

  • Russian Federation




The wind unwittingly, flew in under the door and sang.
The kettle boiled in the kitchen.
Rushed about and shouted at us.
So sad (so sad), apparently it feels lonely, without us
And your eyes were sparkling, turning pages of the days.
And they told me everything...
Our eyes have met.
In this secret (in this secret), of engagement.



 Director  Martin Brozers

1, 2, 3, 
I have to get there at noon 
4, 5, 6, 
I know I’ll get there soon.

Back to the Garden


Authors   Michaela

  • Canada



Back to Garden

Trying to find my way Back to the garden
Where promises are true
And loving you is so right
Restore my loving



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