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Multiple Wounds

Photographer Daniel Hale

  • United States



A photo art project to in which 4 different women are involve in their own wounds and suffering, both external and internal.


Photographer  Leigh Anthony 

  • Czech Republic




Inspired by Vernor Vinge, Friedrich Nietzsche and patterns of (human) nature "KØBALT ELEKTRA - FOTO SERIE" thematically explores the concept of the humanistic singularity. In terms of how/tools, no camera was used.

Eléctrico Cielo

Photographer   WonBin Lee

  • United States   

WonBin Lee is currently a film student at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.


Photographer  Mark Hamilton Gruchy
    United Kingdom

A woman in reflective mood in a poem written and read by Helen Wing.

ALAYA - Moments of creation

Photographer  Judith Barfuss

  • Austria

 One stroke overwrites the other. Releases - creates space for new impressions, ideas, transformations. One moment replaces the other. 
Everythings needs its time - a oeuvre the personal development of its creator. It constantly flows into, shapes and coins the work. 
The oeuvre is completed, when all attachment is dissipated and the core is laid open. 
But in the end it is not about the oeuvre as a result - it is about the process and the moments of creation. 


Artist: Marcin Lesisz

  • Poland


Series of photographs created in the style of cinema adventure Action , tells the story of a brief duel boy from his shadow . To some extent short impression of growing up and combating fear. Pictures were taken on the ruins of the Evangelical Church in Jędrzychów in Lower Silesia ( Poland )



Artist: Rafael Duarte

  • Brazil




Photo series by the brazilian photographer Rafael Duarte shot during his climb to the top of Mont-Blanc, in France, during the shooting of the movie Whiteout.



Artist: Piret Kuub

  • Estonia


In her free time she practises photography. She also loves to spend time with her dog and cats.


Director  Natalia Ryss

  • Russian Federation



a bit apocalypse...

It was edited after a short trip to Italy and inspired by the Coliseum at dusk.


Artist: Piret Kuub

  • Estonia

Berlin in Movement

Artist: Riccardo Valsecchi

  • Germany



"Berlin in movement" is a series of pictures that describe the capital city of Germany. The purpose is to investigate over the semantic value of the word “movement”, as well as the spatial relation that exists between the author and the camera, and between the camera and the subjects.


Artist: Piret Kuub

  • Estonia

My Photography


Artist  Gennady Berman

  • Israel



Artist: Brigitte Badier

  • France




BLUE CANAL is a photographic wandering along the Ourcq Canal, between Pantin, Bobigny and Paris, in France.
It is an invitation to sail in a blue ephemeral place along a channel whose end is as blue as the horizon.
Why blue?
Because the blue colour becomes the colour which transforms
the ephemeral into timelessness thanks to photography.

Chimney Sweep

Artist: Hristo Petkov

  • Bulgaria



This is a portrait of a chimney sweep I accidentally met on the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Wild Flower


Photographer  Suumeet Darshan

  • India



its a completly new and unnoticed flower

le souvenir


Photographer  Nofar Duchovni

  • Israel



a series of images with text.
the work deals with our attempt to relive our memories.
and the lost of them.

indian ox

Photographer  Suumeet Darshan

  • India

how can some make a sand house and ox is ready to give it all.

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