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“Parade” de Satie


Director  Koji Yamamura

  • Japan.

A Parade for 3 managers & 4 performers. Mixing quotes from French composer Erik Satie’s essays with the music Parade, this is an animated re-creation of realist ballet images going beyond reality


Director  Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien  

   Allison Botkin    Mike Bourbeau

  • United States.




Treasure Nest is a 3D animated short following the adventures of Blue a cat-like creature in search of hidden riches. Along his way Blue discovers a bird-like creature named Peanut who he reluctantly brings along in hopes that she will be the key to unlocking the treasure. Through the use of such programs as Maya ZBrush Photoshop Houdini Nuke and After Effects the Treasure Nest thesis group presents a beautifully hand-painted world in which Blue’s resolve is tested throughout his journey... eventually leading him to a prize of which he never expected.

The Magic Train

Director: Joe Chang

  • China




The story of Magic Train was based on a girl called Lin Lin, who was an American Born Chinese and brought up overseas. During her trip to China on a traveling train, she had experienced series of amazing things from what she saw in China. The film was particularly concerned about different aspect of artistic levels. From the unique style and technique of animation, the film had shown the humanistic feelings from the combination of Chinese traditional cultural and modern life. It also had a lot of entertainment and artistic affection, too.

The whole film was consist of ten different little stories in sequence, and had 87 minutes in total. The dialogue was little and the music was adapted from Chinese traditional well-known music scores. The audiovisual feeling of the film was like a song, a picture, a poem and a dream. These could touch deep through the heart of different age group audiences.


The Elephant Apartments

Director  Shaudi WANG

  • Taiwan


He lost his mother in a terrible accident when he was a child. Now he writes about this imaginary world where people live inside elephants. When a girl was interested in his story, the imaginary world was shaken.


United States



The human race has long searched for meaningful interpersonal connections. Tools and technologies have made it easier to reach out and share ideas but each presents a new unforeseen challenge. We must always ask: "Is this what we want? What do we want?"



Director  Tatiana Fedorovskaya

  • Russian Federation

A clay cartoon based on the story "Perpetual Motion" by Viktor Shenderovich.
While carrying an old and heavy piano "Offenbacher" downstairs, two simple loaders listen to a pianist playing various pieces of classical music during their short breaks on the staircase between the floors. Descending floor by floor, they re-consider the meaning of their lives.

The Bandit Cucaracha


Directors  Héctor Pisa  Juan Alonso



The film tells the story of Mariano Gavín, alias Cucaracha, the greatest Aragonese bandit of all times.



Director  Annette DeLorean

  • U S A



A hipster searches Stockholm for his lost love, assisted by a Cupid with ulterior motives in this music video for Roxie 77's ANNA.

A Bumpy Ride

Director  Chang Shu

  • United States


A small girl tries to get onto a roller coaster with a height requirement.

The Beach Boy


Director: Hannes Rall

  • Singapore

An animated short film about two star-crossed lovers from ancient Vietnam. Designed in a style inspired by Vietnamese brush painting and traditional art.


Director  Mira Chendler

  • Netherlands


Simple geometrical triangles become playing and dancing manlike figures.






Under a full moon, nature showing both its beauty and cruelty. Humankind is the cruellest of all beings. The authors of the paintings and the narrator are young people with disabilities.

Employee of the day

Christoph J Kellner

  • Germany


In a world of mass consumption, overstimulation and performance pressure three people follow their day by day routine.

Two of them work on an assembly line.
Two of them share a secret.
Two of them are part of the show.

Only one can become EMPLOYEE OF THE DAY.

On God


Director  David Yendler

  • U S A



An animated short about four parents and one god.



United States


A man encountered two snakes in the disguised forms of a beautiful lady in white and her maidservant in green. They seduced him who despite the demonic nature of his lover chose to enjoy the seduction and keep the relationships until a pang of sudden fear struck him one day.

All Beautiful Things

Directors   Rafi Yaniger   Dafna Englander

  • Israel


A young woman struggles to fend off the water entering her house. The tide rises and falls as the water flows in and out of the house and the reflections in the water reveal a different world.
The reflection of the woman takes off on her own into the other world, and ends up returning to a changed reality.


Director: SHEN Jie

  • China


One of the three monkeys died.



United States


A visit to San Antonio, Texas via watercolor animation.



United States/France


a Life in Music: From the Cradle to the Grave, at least...

Zero Sum


Rebecca Shenfeld

  • United States


“All the people perceived the thunder and the lightning flashes and the sound of the trumpet and the mountain smoking; and when the people saw it, they trembled and stood at a distance.”

Balloon Ride

Director: Evan Hughes

  • Australia


The story follows a young boy who is part of a dysfunctional family. He and his mother are victims of domestic violence inflicted by the father. The boy dreams of escaping with his mother, only to wake up to a tragic reality.

Switch Man

Director: Hsun-Chun Chuang

In a normal quiet Sunday, Dr. Evil Mantis attacted K-City unexpectedly with his gigantic claw, the entire city in panic and in danger. At the very critical moment, one young man stood out and fight the Dr. Evil Mantis. This is the moment for the hidden superhero, and his secret power is about to turn this chaos upside down. The Legend is about to begin...

The Disappeared


Director: Michelle CoomberT

  • United Kingdom

Last September 43 Mexican students went missing after being held in police custody. In this striking animated documentary, we hear the voices of those who knew them best - their classmates and relatives. They don't trust the official version of events and are are determined to discover what happened.

The Forest Paper


Director: Sipparpad Krongraksa

  • Thailand


This animation it all about bird who want to build her nest with straw,but he get lost in to the world that is made of paper, everybody in the city tends to focus on technologies and forget to care about our cause disaster like flooding.
This 3D animation symbolizes the lives of people in the city nowadays, which most of them that are likely to depend on materialism and that causes them to ignore their duty, which is to protect and support the existing of our natural resources.The main purpose of this project is to present the idea of how our mother nature could with the being harm through the use of paper.

Two dancers

Director  Pepe Gomez

  • Spain



Fred Astaire and Michael Jackson meet in heaven for dance battle, in the course of which they discover that maybe they are not even that different after all.






Director: Thomas Makinson

  • United Kingdom


Two brothers once renowned the world over now find themselves as bitter rivals with only one way to settle the score... DANCE!!!

Animal Landscape

Director: Shelley Dodson

African animals change the landscape as relationships between predator and prey unfold. 2D Digital Cut Out Animation.

In The Waves

Director: Ying-Fang Shen

A tie-dye fabric animation that narrates the beginning of life through a microscope perspective.




The Urge 2 - It Lies Within

Director: Christopher Angus

  • Canada


During a bizarre series of events a vampire discovers that harmless forest creatures, and even his own body, have turned against him.

Knocked Down

Director   Pepe Gomez

  • Spain


A young boxer ponders about the world of boxing while fighting for the championship belt.



Director: Marc Héricher

  • France


A complex chain reaction brings human organs to life. This mechanism generates an act of creation. But this creation, can it be actually produced by a machine ?



United States

NO TWO ALIKE is an inside look at what happens during a snowstorm. It was created using computer-based
animation techniques coupled with digital video footage.

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