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  • Argentina


In the slums of the future, VR junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment.
An expert player discovers that the line between games and reality is starting to fade away.

Now Here


Director  Beatrice Grande

  • Italy



Now Here or nowhere an old soul surrenders to Beauty

"The Stairs"

Director Haykim Reagan

  • United States



Ten-year-old boy hides on the top of the staircase as his father tells a horrific story about the holocaust and escaping being gassed to death in Nazi concentration camp. After his father passes away, the boy, now a fifty-year-old man receives a cassette tape that his father made six months earlier. On the tape is an interview taken by an employee of a holocaust museum. As the son stands in his kitchen and listens to the tape, he is stunned and amazed at what he learns about his father and regrets they never had this talk in person.


Director  René Wiesner

Jack just wants to have some damn silence in his life... But when does something ever turn out like it was supposed to be? And sometimes even in the own comfort zone an attack is the best way of defense. Will Jack find his inner peace? Or will it be the others who end in pieces?

The Train


Directors  Asher Grodman

  • United States



A preoccupied young man reluctantly agrees to take some time from his busy day to meet his girlfriend’s grandfather (Academy Award Winner Eli Wallach). He learns how life can change in a moment.


Director  Aidan Kahn

  • Canada



Max is driving out to the country to spend the summer on a friend's family ranch when he sees a beautiful girl standing in front of a roadside gas station. He imagines how awful her life must be that she should have to live in the middle of nowhere. He then imagines taking her back to the city with him, saving her from what he imagines to be her dead-end, dust-bowl life. Smitten, Max decides to go talk to her, but he quickly realizes his assumptions may have been all wrong.



Director Francesco Faralli

  • Italy


 An old man remembers his childhood and the day his town was attacked by Nazis on June the 29th of 1944

Welcome To Frogmore

Director  Gary Winstead

  • United States

Two life long friends are challenged by the supernatural. A mysterious light endangers the careers of two military types. Is the light real or an excuse. Was one playing the other, and will friendship endure despite differences. People have been known to disappear after seeing the light at the end of the road in North Carolina.

About Time

Director: Samantha Scott-Blackhall

  • Singapore



The Birdeatress

Director  Tibor Ungvár

  • Hungary


On one day all of a sudden, the adopted Indian daughter of a divorced Hungarian couple starts to eat birds alive. The mother, Anna, breaks in on her husband, Tom, who is living the bohemian life of an artist. She wants Tom to take their daughter to live with hime, and he invites him over for a visit to make her point. After a heated argument, Tom starts to understand Anna's desperation: if she has to spend one more day with the child, she is going to kill herself and the little girl. Seeing his ex-wife's determination, Tom decides to take the girl in. The message of the film is to acknowledge deviance.

What's a Gender?

Director  Sophie Dros

  • Netherlands


Are you a man, a woman or are both classifications irrelevant? Sophie Dros made for Mindshakes a short documentary over the fluid character of gender.

I am sorry

Director  Julie Blasenhauer




Because tomorrow starts today, with just a little gesture you could make all the difference...

The Field


Director: Omer Sasson

  • Israel

A farmer decides to work his land with "improved" futuristic technology which aggressively treat his dying land, and fails to realize that he himself is the cause of the problem.


Director   Jörn Knost

  • Germany

The manufacturing hand H-3957 has an accident. After regeneration, H-3957 wants to continue his job. But the Company-Main-Computer answers, that H-3957 is to slow to continue working there. H-3957 retires. After another regeneration sleep, he feels his finger more than before. He recognizes the warm feeling blanket. After that he goes into the nature to feel everything: the rocks, the flowers, the water…


Director  Nicolai Tegeler

  • Germany

There is a couple who apparently has arrived the end of their
common life.
He, the husband, is in the deathbed and leaves his common life Revue again.
Both revel in the memories of the past.
In this short film is a couple who apparently at the end of their
common life has arrived.
He, the husband, is in the deathbed and leaves the common life again Revue
Both revel in the memories of the past.
At the end, the question arises whether the life is too short. Perhaps we ought to have more out of it ?!
Laid out the story of a Jewish joke.

Two Landscapes

Directors  Neil Ira Needleman

  • United States



A clash between the landscape the eye perceives and the one that’s deeply embedded in the mind.

The Greenkeeper



Directors  Felix Schwadorf

  • Germany



Old lonely Greenkeeper meets young boy



Director  Richard Anthony Dunford

  • United Kingdom

A lonely man contemplating suicide meets a ghost.

Just talking to her


Director: Euiyoung Lim

  • Korea, Republic of


Chang Seop is lonely father who has been fired and lived alone. He is used to put on a suit rather than a pajama. He is also unfamiliar to eat a meal alone, not yet. To relieve feelings of isolation and loneliness, he calls to his daughter and friends but they hang up on making all sorts of excuses. Suddenly chang Seop picks up the phone and calls telemarketer, Joo A. She makes a great effort to canvass for insurance. However Chang Seop says totally different stories. He worries about her sore throat, and tells her not to eat alone. And then he puts the phone down.
In a minute, She calls again and says that want to have a meal with him.

The Journey of Little Red Cap inside of the Wolfs Belly


Directors   Lidiya Huzhva

  • Ukraine


This is the story of a young talented artist who gave up everything to care for her disabled grandmother. The life of two women - the endless repetition of itself. An invitation to an Art Bienalle - a chance that comes once in life - makes the girl do what she avoids at all costs - a hard choice.

Square Speaks

Director  Bahram Sadeghi



What would happen when the tumultuous events of revolutionary squares like Tahrir or Maidan are not viewed through the eyes of the people, but through the 'eyes' of the square?!


Director: Robert Guthrie

  • United States


Two high school guys are in love. One's Christian, one's Jewish. A father disapproves, the other's parents are thrilled. Who cares that it's not perfect? They got this.

Movies Matter

Director Oliver Marsden

  • Australia


Every friday James likes too watch movies off 'HookLocker', that's until his favourite franchise runs out of money because of this!

The Red Heiffer

Director  Kim Hays

  • United States

This is a satirical look at the Old Testament laws around the handling of dead bodies. This is a class project in conjunction with the Jewish Studies at TVT aka (Tarbut V'torah) in Irvine, Ca.

Promise Me


Director: Kevin Machate

  • United States



"Promise Me" is an emotionally charged social drama in which a once flourishing woman, now at the end of her life, struggles to ensure that her recently reconciled son does not make the same mistakes that she did.



Director: Anne Murray

  • United States


Araf is a video about the borderland between heaven and hell and represents contemporary shamanism in Turkey. It was created while I was an artist-in-residence at Babayan Culture House in Ibrahimpasa, Turkey in the Cappadocia region.

Dreams and Spaces in Between


Director: John Graham

  • Canada


A young musician has just become deaf. He then mysteriously gives life to sounds by experiencing them visually.

Even the Devil Swiped Right

Director: Jessica W. Cole

  • Canada




Soulless creatures. Questionable motives. Terrible people. Who knew online dating and Hell had so many things in common?

When the Devil needs to gather souls for his army and is looking for a hot date, what better way to find victims than by looking on a dating app? He may not find his soulmate but at least her soul will still be useful for something.




Directors   J Hanna

  • United States


Two space travelers, trapped in a floating space ship.

The outcasts of the Calatrava bridge


Directors  Dimitris Panakis

  • Greece


A man and a woman, outcasts of a harsh reality, walk along the Calatrava Bridge in Athens (Greece). The man tells the woman that the bridge is made by the famous architect Calatrava and that it resembles a boat. He imagines them going for a trip by this boat. But, soon, the dream ends and they return to their everyday reality.


Director: Carlo Perassi

  • Italy


.Thanks to Franco, Giulia realizes she has to be self honest to love once again.

A splendid Affair


Directors    Laurent Ardoint and Stéphane Duprat

  • France




Roger Martin is a private investigator completely broke. A woman asks him to investigate her husband she suspects to have an affair.


Director: Bahadır Arıcı

  • Turkey




Murat in his 50s, finds himself under attack of devilish thoughts, where he went a mosque to pray. In the world these thoughts took him, he chases a woman in burka who is a very familiar person in his life.


Director: PEDRO JAÉN R.

  • Spain


UigiG needs to go out and feel, like his favourite film's star. His girlfriend, just like her, loves to smoke and enjoy the authenticity... but that’s before she ceases to exist.



Director: Enoh Lienemann



The language of the Video is metaphorical.
Fatima receives a number of mails and she`s looking for an advice to reflect her situation and to get a help in order to understand her own personality.
My film deals with hopelessness, and to be caught up into bad family matters. It asks how far somebody has settled in its captive role so so deeply, that to escape from it seems to be more painful than to remain into given destructive circumstances.

A Family Story


Director: Lino Kafidas

  • Belgium




A couple gets a phone call in the middle of the night with the worst news a parent can imagine, their daughter died in an accident; hit by a car. They both have their own way of processing everything and they have their reasons.

The Boy

Director: Eyup Büyükkelleci

  • Turkey



The mother kills her son who is gay.
Some moments of the boy from his social life are seen: In the university, cafeteria and car.
The wound is always on his chest and people recognise his wound.
He goes to the coast, walks into the see.

Time Benders

Director: Paul Cavallo

  • Australia



Time. It's like a being. It has an immune system which prevents change. A young scientist puts this to the test when she falls in love with a man from the year 1788.

Francesca, Francesca!


Director: Dimitri Limpert

  • Germany



Music brought a sheet to life.

Nicola's Shedim


Directors  Lawrence Mallinson

  • United Kingdom



A small child with a fear of monsters at bed-time asks her mum to check the bedroom before she can go to sleep, her mother unwittingly finds one.





Director: Dale Driver

  • United Kingdom



When Anna's daughter develops a degenerate, terminal brain condition, the only chance of survival is to delete everything she ever was.

The Call of the Tarots


Director: Ajitesh Sharma  



A model, who is also a tarot reader, travels to the mysterious ruins of Hampi to meet her former self, an Indian Princess.

Texting: A Love Story


Director: Jeanette L Buck

  • United States


A short, awkward romantic comedy about love, intimacy, and connection in the digital age.

Non-refundable ticket


Director: Emilia Ruiz

  • Spain

Maria decides to travel abroad in search of a better life. The ticket is non-refundable.

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