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Mexican Flamenco

Directors  Nur Rubio, María Aliaga.

  • Mexico


Flamenco and Mexico meet each other in this scary video through La Catrina -a fancy skeleton- and La Llorona -the most famous mexican ghost who searches every night for her dead children.-
This video is part of a mexican flamenco show that is called: Flamenco a la Mexicana

U Thought

Author​s  Sanif Olek  Mark Bonafide

  • Singapore

"U Thought Feat. Taufik Batisah’ is a song by Mark Bonafide about the tables being turned on a cheating ex-lover, whereby heart break is flipped on it’s head as a “good thing” since the relationship was never meant to be in the first place. 


The music video, directed by Sanif Olek, sees a sexy, sleek, black & white treatment to encompass the vibe and intent of the song."

At the End of the Line

Director Robert Kerr

  • U S A



In 1939, in Nazi Germany, an amazing thing happened: Jewish parents, sensing their lives were in danger, placed their children aboard trains to be raised by foster families across free Europe. They did this, knowing they would probably never see their children again...

"The Keys" - Music Video

Director: Sonia Benarab & Joe Hoster

  • Switzerland




Five years ago a young man met an ex-ballerina during the last month of his North American adventure. Little did he know, it was the start of a love story, which would change him, forever.
Unfortunately, this romance was short lived as they both travelled back to their homes, 10'000 miles apart. As he mourned, he felt the depths of his soul darkening beyond recovery. He felt as though he had lost a part of himself forever . What was he to do with his life now ?
Oliver Goldsmith says : « Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall »
Despite this, he wasn’t alone. His family and friends gave him the strength to carry on, and look forward. They became a pillar on which he could lean. Only one more thing made him feel better; made not of blood and bones, but wood and strings; The piano - when he played, he felt uplifted, his heart beating a little faster, tears running down his cheeks. He felt alive. Instrumental to his recovery, the piano became a companion.


Director  Benjamin Noah





Sundays is a short film disguised as a music video about man's quest for knowledge.




I just saw your video. It is disturbing, perversely provocative, evocative and inspiring. Powerful search for
beauty, the meaning of life, the multiplication of the dimensions, the extrasensory meeting with other entities
and the power of love, marriage. I enjoyed your video, I like not you tell us a conventional story, but we
provoke ideas, emotions, reflections. The island is like a planet where these living or dead who seek union
live. They live in the trees, the mountains, but the union meeting consolidate it in the water. Images have
power of their own, long time with short, abrupt breaks connects with alpha experiences. The island is an
extrasensory, metaphysical experience of other dimensions that force the viewer to connect with something
new, something never seen before, that's why the power of provocative, disturbing, evocative. ...

War & Peace

Director  Mojtaba Yari

  • Germany


Jangh o Sol (War & Peace) is a fantasy music video acting in an indefinite country and showing an army officer and his soldiers leaving for war. Whereas suddenly there comes a message that the war is over - now and forever. A dream - that all of us - are living for.


Author   Martin Cenkl

    Czech Republic

Melancholic "Panel story" describes subjective view on life in industrial and uptown zones. We can see places between block of flats and some fabric buildings somewhere behind the city centre, which has specific genius loci. Music video has several dream or magic realism parts during the story.

And So Sings Time

Director  Stephanie Chu

  • United States



Mo Zhao is an emerging young composer who enjoys writing for a variety of ensembles ranging from symphony orchestra to soprano with rock musicians. Her music has been performed in United States and United Kingdom.

Run Out


Director: André Gaumond


A dramatic flashback of a life that has end before his time.




Clap On The 2 and the 4

Director   Leonardo Dell'Anno

  • Canada


Jazz singer-songwriter Ori Dagan's 'Clap on the 2 and the 4' is an infectiously fun music video about finding your inner rhythm. Featuring music lovers of all ages, it also features two cats, two birds, two dogs and a horse. Get clapping, tapping and snapping with this 21st century jazz anthem that's poised to make you hip!


Director Ken Imai

  • Japan


LED ROCK is an animated music video for Japanese DJ Band 'KIREEK', won their 5th consecutive title in the biggest DJ contest in the world, the DMC World Championships.
It contains the homage of the Proposition 'Vinyl or Audio Data'.




In the song the problems of the young modells is shown . In fashion business it is too hard and the runway is a
tough place and many young people cave in.

the blue room -al-ḥamdu li-llāh

Director: bettina d'mello

  • Germany



"the blue room -al-ḥamdu li-llāh" interweaves the inquirers inner and outer reality while the process of transformation -escorted by power, spirit, doubt, yielding to temptation: in the vastness of the atlas it encounters singing berbers, curative gnawas, dancing dervish and untamed beings. their incessant musical ecstasy guides him through the doors of perception towards the blue room   

".. miracle of evolution ¿how you dare assume? 
we could dive into this life, then hold our heads up high 
strolling towards the blue room"



Director  LUCIE MACH


"Whenever, Wherever" follows the dreams and the realities of 6 young singers from Barranquilla, Colombia.



Director: Miwa Ono








This is a theme song from a movie called, "Lovelost", the song is written by Alto Hagiwara and Kenji Shirahama, played by a band called go green. The song is about suffering incurable solitude. Waiting for the train that never comes, everyone else is into the groove while the boy is the only one out of the wave and he knows why. That's why he is about to breakdown. He suffers how long does this been going on.







Be happy. Enjoy your life.





Stille Vann is an inclusive music project under the umbrella of the artists‘ collective „Barner 16“, Hamburg. The script is based on ideas of the musicians. The making of the film was an inclusive working process under the direction of the fine artist, Annette Wirtz. When five very different women meet to form a band there will be complications. From a far away, foreign country a woman, Parija, flies over an initially peaceful landscape riding a strange bird. Suddenly, as a first irritation, the bird crashes into a garden of the two musicians, Hannah and Lisa. They welcome Paria. The blind woman from a different culture can discover this new and peaceful world. By singing songs from her home country she conveys her way of life to the others. At the same time, Tami and Zeynep, two sisters drawn to the dark side of life, live nearby. They observe the other women from a distance. When Paria goes on a trip they trap her on their houseboat. Here they force Paria to make music with them. However, Paria dislikes the sounds they produce. She tries to escape.

Static Eyes




What happens when the hero enters the ring?


Director: Claudio Curciotti

  • Italy


Myth is a video clip comprised of footage and original music, both by the author of the project. Claudio Curciotti has been researching on music in Egypt as well as collaborating with local musicians and performing artists and institutions for past 5 years. Within one of his stays, he created this video, set in a desert area on the outskirts of Cairo.
The video incorporates both contemplative and narrative style. The events are portrayed just as they happened during the filming.
The contemplation of the ancient, irruptions of the wild true reality and the need to hide, to escape into a dark small world, inside, to the core. These elements of the story represent in a way the story of the whole country; a place with compelling ancient heritage suffocating under the weight of a new powerful police state, with people seeking ways to escape or hiding themselves in a dark depressive post-revolution mood.

She & Me .

Director: Ajitesh Sharma



A young Russian writer blazing through her memories and so much powerful those moments were that she finds herself together again with her love. She is back for her...







Dalia - Sycamore Age (2015) Subject by Stefano Santoni I'm Stefano Santoni, founder, producer and member of Sycamore Age (indie-rock band based in Italy) and this is my first experience as an author and videomaker in the field of video clips. Our latest album entitled "Perfect Laughter" (2015), from which it was extracted as a single the song "Dalia", consists of a concept album about the dialogue and the confrontation between man and divine. The theme, through the different tracks on the album, is treated under the most different angles, ranging between religions and myths from all times and from anywhere.





The goal is to find a person to another through some posters of "disappeared" who is putting in different places of the city, this missing person does not want to be found.

The Beauty of Being Alone




The beauty of being alone is explain that desire to hold something but just couldn't, for the reason that I would rather cheat on you than watching you live unhappy.
Desire to be the shadow of each other which can't be replace, and the shadow also keep to overlapping the truth of fantasy, but the heart is emptiness because the shadow is trying to copy. Finally the thing only can do is take away the shadow which belong to itself and keep to appreciate the beauty of the world by being alone. Untill the day, we can meet each other again, and find the final station of life happiness is each other.

Adam of Mars

Director Erykah Del Mundo
   United States

A man finds himself isolated in an unknown place.


Director: David Latreille




The Boudoir. A two minutes short film about a young woman experiencing music through a psychotic phase. A musical experimental short film to the sounds of Apex Martin.


Director: M211








M211 is a young collaborative of two artists:
Martn Demmer / Nils A. Witt

Translucency is the first film made by M211.


Director  Joe Palermo


revolution is a piece of social and political concerns of the society nowadays present but also the past with a look to the future of a society that is changing, not always positively not always respecting people as individuals, past and been forgotten by those who lived in the improve the future

The Vibrations

Director: Benoit Maestre





Hallucinations composed with musical musings, concerts and wanderings.

A movie with Mathius Shadow-Sky's music, musician composer, researcher from the twenty & first century.

Apples - Thunder&Co.


Nociceptors are the sensory neurons which allow us to feel pain. They’re the ones responsible for letting us experience hurt.

Apples is the chosen single from Nociceptor. Giving you a false notion of optimism through the lively drums, flowing synths and the “drunk” encouraging crowd of friends on the chorus, Apples is a song about the empty phases of life, when you drink and get high for no reason. 

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