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The Little Gypsy Witch

Director  Tomislav Zaja

  • Croatia

An urban Roma family lives in the suburbs of a big city; the father Hrast (33), the mother Aska (30), their daughter Manusha (10) and Granny Ilonka (55), Aska’s mother, a well-known fortune teller. Granny Ilonka dies suddenly, Aska is dismissed from her job in the light-bulb factory, while Hrast ‘loses his ear’, so he is fired from the funeral band in which he was a trumpet player. The family has suddenly lost all sources of income. After their electricity and phone is cut off, Aska reluctantly takes on her mother’s customers and begins fortune telling, while unsuccessfully sends applications for any kind of job. Manusha does not like going to school, because the other children refuse to accept her. They tease her and torment her, because she’s different from them. Manusha misses her grandmother, because her parents, burdened by the problems of bare survival, do not have time for a little girl, and they do not notice that something strange is happening in the house. Something like a sulphur smell permeates the house, and Manusha’s new class-mate and only friend in school Zdenko (9), the undertaker’s son, explains that this means her deceased grandmother is angry.

The great adventure of Manel and the Magic Toothpicks

Director Xavier Pijuan

  • Spain




Manel, a spoiled kid, receives a miserable toothpick box for his birthday instead of his expected PS4. However, this apparently stupid present will end up being the best present he has ever received






Irene is eight and she has just had a horrible dream.





Young Filippa judges a book by the color of it’s cover. If it’s not pink, it’s no good. In fact, she drives her parents crazy with her wishes for the whole world to be pink. But Filippa has to learn to be careful what to wish for, as it may come true.





Children of Cambodia is a music video trip around the beautiful country of Cambodia.



  • France


Paul, 10 years old, is on holiday in the countryside. At the village dance, Paul would like to invite Wendy to dance, but he is too shy. His big brother Matthew, doesn't help him to have confidence. How Paul will find the courage to invit Wendy to dance ?


Director Vanusa Angelita


Tatiana is a very curious girl and is intrigued by the fact that the entire city be euphoric with the Christmas date. One morning in December, his mother is faced with the question that one day she would be sure to come: Santa Claus really exist? From the mother's response, the "question" will the yard playing with her friends, who respond with great imagination. 

On Cloud Nine

Director: Shreyans Jain

  • India


It’s a tale of twelve years old village girl which touches frequently discussed yet relevant issues of education of a girl child, child labour, domestic violence, bad effect of alcohol and problem of blindness. The film underlines rich heritage and culture of state Rajasthan in India. The zeal of protagonist to visit city and learn dance makes her pay a high cost but she overcomes social, physical and mental hindrances inspiring one and all.

Tiny Town


Directors Stephen Baker/Howard Cook

  • United States


As the ice-cream man runs his rounds in Tiny Town he is unexpectedly met with a giant magic 8 ball. Upon further investigation of its prophetic message, he narrowly escapes a disastrous train collision. When a giant doll emerges through the wreckage, the ice-cream man tries to flee the town. When all escape routes are destroyed, he returns to his ice-cream truck, transforming into a massive robot to defeat the massive doll. Will the ice-cream man be able save his town?


Director  KAE BAHAR

United Kingdom


Living in a war zone 10 year old Sami is forced to take decisions beyond his understanding; decisions that could deprive him of his childhood and change his life forever.

I Need My Monster


Directors  Richard Marrujo

  • United States



When Ethan checks under the bed for his monster, he finds a note instead: “Gone fishing. Back in a week. –Gabe”
What will Ethan do?
He needs a monster under his bed.
Substitute monsters appear but none are as perfect as Gabe. Herbert’s teeth aren’t sharp enough, Mack’s slobbering induces giggles, Cynthia’s tail isn’t scary at all, and Ralph has nail polish on his claws! This will never work! How will Ethan ever get to sleep without his monster?

I Need My Monster is a short animated film based on the unique award wining monster-under-the-bed story for all monster-loving kids of the same title.


Little Big George

Director: Priyanka Tanwar

  • India


Little Big George is a very warm, innocent and fun loving film; about a little boy named George actually Georgy Porgy who loves to eat, but most importantly loves to cook! His small little brain is a treasure island of recipes waiting to be explored, discovered, cooked and tasted.
Georgy's biggest dream is to be a famous chef when he grows up and have his own TV show, Prime-Time! Unfortunately his mum and dad are not very happy about that.
Little Big George is the story of this small little food wonder, who even having to face his strict non understanding parents and constantly bullying friends, lives his dream every single moment, with the hope and belief that he will achieve it ONE FINE FOODIE DAY!

A Film By Abigail

Director  Paul Vernon

     United Kingdom

A child discusses her new toy video camera she received for Christmas; leading her to create and explain the characters and plot of an intricate story for a film.

Bright and Dark

Director: Andrea Simon

  • Germany


Anna, Julius, Lea and Céline are 10 years old. They perform together in the dance theatre piece “Minotaurus”. “Minotaurus is a symbol for being alone, and for rage …” (Lea). Three of the children mob the fourth into the deepest loneliness…... At home in the privacy of their rooms these middle class children feel great. Everything seems to be fine. But still they tell of fears, insecurity. They play with passion and simultaneously reflect on being un-free, being grown up, about themselves and others “Boys? Oh, puke!” (Anna) and, of course, about the rehearsals, dancing, public performance and the content in “their” theatre piece. The film links the children’s private lives and quiet portraits with sequences from the exciting “Minotaurus” production. “The beginning of the play is bright, the end is dark” (Julius). Dance is sparely interwoven as a black/white cipher for the turbulent relationships of the children and gives the story its framework as a generally applicable metaphor about being a child. Humour and Profoundness / Bright and Dark. “Best of all was being so wild and free” (Céline). A film for everybody aged 6 and older.


Director: Cheng,YaChen

  • Taiwan


There is a boy who is tied in a dark lane and collects small stones every day.
One day, social workers and police find out and start to investigate.
Lots of people come in the lane to help the boy, but he could not hear and speak. He is struggling and doesn’t want to leave. It seems that he is waiting for someone…

Aunt Marulan And The Magic Soap

Director: Michelle Lia

  • Australia


Captain Longtail needs Lisa’s help to find his remaining crew who have been turned into soap figurines by Lisa’s “evil” Aunt Marulan

LA MOSCA (The Fly)

Director: Marco Di Gerlando

  • Italy


Carlotta and her class have been assigned the task to draw animals starting with the M. While the rest of the kids have no problem drawing them, Carlotta is experiencing an artistic block. Finally, when she gets the idea of the animal she is going to draw,


Director  Giorgi Tkemaladze

  • Georgia


grandmother aways replies to Luka s curious guestions, one answer forces the child to catch birds, which will help him to see his mother. All days the boy spends on the roof with a trap, trying to catch a huge number of birds. grandmother react calmly to his desire, she only remarks that birds have mothers and they miss them too. later a group of older boys takes away his trap and only after that realizes the little boy these words. the conflict with the boys finishes after Luka s attempt to get his birds back. this incident changes a lot of thing for the little dreamer, he doesno t want to achieve his aim by usign other creatures and releases the birds.



Director: Caroline Friend

  • United States


Time is running out for George to ask the girl of his dreams to the biggest party of the year - the Collins High School Sock Hop.



Director: Ye-eun. Son.

  • Republic of Korea,


Prince meets a friend at the beach.
Friend asks whether the woman had a favorite to Prince.
Prince says the woman, of course, love.
Her name was called Zerah.
However, the children of women say that worried sick.
Prince fell into trouble because of Zerah with children.
From now on the agony of the Prince begins.

Siragadikka Asai (Desire to fly)

Director: Durgai Raj

  • India


Man because of his selfishness and for his self happiness never hesitates to crush the life of other creatures. Each and every creature in this universe has the right to lead an independent life. All creatures in this wide world have equality of rights to live life as that of mankind.

Nameless Children

Director: Süleyman Karaaslan

  • Turkey


The older brother, who looks after his younger disabled brother, makes their living by collecting and selling scrap metals. They have a very hard life. Only dream of disabled brother is having a wheelchair. One day, the older brother meets a young girl and her old, frail Father in the wheelchair. He steals the wheelchair in order to make his younger brother’s dream come true. But everything goes into a wrong direction and causes the dead of old man.


Director: Germán Velasco

  • Mexico


An old couple follows their also old dog into a memory of their youth. This will make them question the environment and their current life which leads to a tragic decision.

All the Riches



Directors  Khawaja Muneeb Hassan

  • United States


A single,emotionally dis-attached father who is busy in his job and business realizes that his son needs his attention.

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