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Director: Ian Woodward

  • United Kingdom


I’LL WALK WITH GOD is a musical drama about a former opera star from America for whom La Bohème and My Fair Lady could not feed his God-given spirituality. His father’s homeland has taken him and his family to England – and to the priesthood. But the trendy, go-getting Rev Jim Watson will always sing. It is what he does best and is as natural to him as breathing. He sings at charity events, church fetes and local concerts. In his parish he is known as “The Singing Vicar”. Along the way, after meeting Emma Crawford at the local allotment that is his distraction and her therapy, things will never be as they once were for them or for Jim’s actress daughter, Holly. MUSICAL NUMBERS include You’ll Never Walk Alone from Carousel, Bach-Gounod’s Ave Maria, Because, On the Street Where You Live from My Fair Lady, the Neapolitan song Come Prima and the film’s theme song.

The Flight of Iro and Casper

Director: Paul Herbert

  • United Kingdom


The Flight of Iro and Casper is reminiscent of 1969 sci-fi flick, Journey to the Far Side of the Sun, with smatterings of Winders, Wings of Desire combined with Wes Anderson & Terry Gillian. This short narrative film depicts the unpredictable fate of hero, Casper, who has found his perfect soul mate, Iro. However, she lives in an unreachable place: on the other side of a large mirror in a warehouse, and there is more to Iro than meets the eye. The only hope to reach this mysterious Iro lies on the boundaries of modern science. Can one man’s love join what the universe as we know it has belied? Inspired by Greek myths and lowbrow sci-fi, The Flight of Iro and Casper depicts the obsessive efforts a man can make to pursue love beyond the realm of the ordinary, as well as the unexpected price of his insatiable infatuation.




  • Greece



At the last night of August Nicos in making love for the first time of his life.The first day of September Maria starts her new life.



Directors  Nancy Paton

  • United Kingdom








"Daisy" depict the last days of a thirteen-year-old girl called Daisy (Hattie Gotobed), who suffers from sever RECESSIVE DYSTROPHIC EPIDERMOLYSIS BULLOSA (RDEB), and by chance meets Peter (Max Brown), an Iraq War veteran who suffers from drug addiction. Like Peter Pan, he is stuck in Neverland and Daisy, like Wendy, inspires him to change his ways. Daisy helps Peter learn to appreciate life, find home, but most importantly find love, something that she will never experience. As the credits run, we are left wondering what such a powerful little girl could have done with a lifetime of days.


Director: Edoardo Palma

  • Italy





A street artist has a flat life marked by an unsympathetic attitude to people and to the noisy reality surrounding him. Meeting his soulmate brings him back to communicate in a new original way and gives his life a new perspective.

In The Name of Bjorn

Director  Keith Tedesco

  • Malta


On the island of Malta a woman named Lore is working a dead end job in a cafe and struggling to maintain a passionate relationship with her partner Roger. Her main hobby is stalking strangers and trying to suss out their lives by studying their walks. She follows an interesting man. This man is Bjorn. They meet eventually when he shows up to her place of work and he seduces her into his way of thinking. He tempts her into living a free life with no attachments and commitments. We see a transformation in Lore as she takes on this way of thinking as if she were a servant treating Bjorn as her God.


Director   Scott Simonsen

    United States​



After being prescribed his third antidepressant, Charlie returns home only to have his Craigslist roommate Miles toilet flush his pills and kidnap him to see a sunrise over the ocean. Tension mounts as the fast talking road trip drives us to the bottom of Charlie's pain and to the impending sunrise on the coast, where life could begin or end, literally... And then there are chinchillas.

The Gift


Directors  Svet Doytchinov

  • United States


This is the story of Angel - a car service driver, who meets an elderly couple on his last call for the day. The absent looking old man suffers from Alzheimer's and his broken photo camera seems to be his only link to the present. The events that unfold will make Angel and the elderly couple spend a few hours together and will bring back memories and hope long lost.


Director: Julio Mas Alcaraz

  • Spain


Laura is the coming of age story of a young girl, abandoned as an infant by her mother. Laura lives with her grandma and for two weeks every summer she visits her father, a logger, who lives alone in the forest. A man of few words, the father is unable to communicate with his adolescent daughter, who hates what he does for a living. As the silence between them grows, Laura turns to nature for company, especially with old trees, and starts a strange communication with them.

The Sin Of Those Who Love Us

Director  Vasco de Oliveira

  • Portugal


Something unexpected brings Vitor back to the house where he was born. His return awakes ghosts from the past and a war long ago locked within this family.

One last sigh before Nightfall

Director  heikko deutschmann

  • Germany


To avoid compulsory retirement and the loss of their unemployment benefits Alfons and Carl have to attend a job centre initiative to improve their team working ability. Hiking through Lappland in teams of two.

As soon they meet all the problems that have ruined their lives surface and the two men need to realise that there is only one way to solve them: friendship.

Find Your Way

Director: Doug Kruse

  • United States



Director: Miwa Ono

  • Japan


A boy with a lonely soul who lived in a beautiful town fatally met with a mysterious girl who strayed into his town, looking for a "ghost tunnel". They soon became inseparable, but when they are separated, they made a promise to meet again after 5 years at the same time, same place, and on the same day. Will they ever meet again?

Code Oakland

Director  Kelly Amis

  • U S A



This film examines the evolution of Oakland through the eyes of social entrepreneurs who are determined that youth of color not be left on the sidelines as Silicon Valley spreads across the Bay and into the home of the second largest black community in California. Kalimah Priforce, whose first success as a social justice rebel was a hunger strike at the age of eight to get books for his group home, and Kimberly Bryant, a successful electrical engineer turned founder of Black Girls Code, are organizing large-scale hackathons to prepare youth to redesign the future through the power of digital coding. Joined on the national stage by #YesWeCode founder Van Jones, their work represents the cusp of a movement to change both the face and use of technology in America. Is Silicon Valley ready to be hacked?


Director  Cameron Goad

    United States



A woman, struggling with depression over the loss of her son, visits her estranged brother with an illegal proposition.

The Fiercest Beast

Director: Cesar Miranda

  • Peru

Rebeca knows than a legendary and obscure figure, The Greatest Enemy will arrive soon into the island she lives in, so she start to train a bunch of hawks for help her in battle against this Enemy.

Electric Indigo


Directors  Jean-Julien Collette

  • Belgium



It is sometimes complicated for a little girl to face peer pressure and becoming aware of her own identity, especially that she never knew her mother and that the only reference is the love of two heterosexual fathers united by the bonds of a “non-carnal” marriage.

Hearts on Fire


Directors   Jay Hanning

  • United States


A narrative film / music video.


Director  Varun Tandon

  • India



A young boy. A quaint hilly town.
Everything that can go wrong will go wrong.
Perhaps, that is what metamorphosis needs.


Winter's Journey

Director: Susanne Boeing

  • Germany




Walter is waiting at the last station of his journey through life. His family and friends all know what is best for him. But in the end they have to understand that his ending belongs only to him.




Director  Matthew Mishory

  • Romania

For over a hundred years, Mărculeşti was a vibrant Jewish agricultural and mercantile community in Bessarabia (now present-day Moldova). In July 1941, the village was the site of an unimaginable atrocity. Seventy-four years later, few speak honestly or completely about what happened.

It Was a Good Story

Director   Tibor Ungvár

  • Hungary


A college athlete, Adam invites one of his mates, Zoli on a ski running training session because he is seeking vengeance for a violent offense Zoli committed against his girfriend (who happens to be Zoli's ex) a few years earlier. But things go sideways and they find themselves in a life-threatening situation. They have to spend twelve hours in the mountains during a snowstorm freezing and starving, having no one to count on but themselves. Is Adam going to be able to let go of his revenge in order to survive to adventure?




  • Cyprus





Mary, a 30-year-old from Philippines,works in a village in Cyprus.she takes care of Mr.Michalis,an 85-year-old man,who suffers from arteriosclerosis.
Mr.Michalis spends his day watching T.V,and specifically,a soap opera,starring Anna. It seems that he has acquired a sort of obsession
with the protagonist,and he insists on calling Mary with the name of "Anna",despite his daughter's,
Melpo remarks. When Mary finds an old box, she make a significant discovery.The name "Anna" has a strong meaning for Mr.Michalis


Director  Gianluca Fedele

  • Italy

Adelmo is a lonely man, sweeper at his city hospital and lives alone in a house that belonged to her mother. One day he have an accident and his poor and sad lives changes completely.


Director: Asad Sikandar

  • India


An Afghan refugee attempts to build a life for himself and his family in Iran, but the horrors of his homeland are replaced with a new hell after his daughter is excluded from school.

Wound Internal Night

Director: Pedro Maldonado

  • Italy


.A woman tries to heal a deep wound by meeting a young guy, who shares with her a deep bond.



Directors  Dominika Smiechowska/Hans Tauscheck

  • Germany


An artist and his manager finally get a sudden and unexpected chance to get a hit. Both of them react on this in completely different ways. Could this be the reason why they end up in hospital?


Director: Tomo Novosel

  • Slovenia


An old woodcarving master wants to end his life but is interrupted by a french girl named Juliette - and then... then life happens.

I feel great


Director: Mirza Ekinovic

  • Denmark




Muki is 30 years old and lives in the suburbs of Copenhagen. He arrived to Denmark as the only survived member of his family – all others have become victims of the Bosnian war in the beginning of the 90’s.

When his girlfriend leaves him, Muki’s world starts crumbling apart and all the traumas from the war and the exile begin to arise.

To help him through the painful time after the break up, Muki’s friends decide to take him on a fishing trip.
During the trip, Muki is struggling to keep the secret of his condition, but the illness betrays him and all of a sudden they all realize that the loss of the girl was only a trigger for something deeper and more serious.


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