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Two Rivers

Director   Melonie Gartner

    United States


Two Rivers is a story about the destructive relationship between Dirke (Mark Borchardt) and Emma (Melonie Gartner). Dirke is a troubled individual who can’t hold down a job. Haunted by his own demons and coupled with an explosive temper, Dirke is a force to be reckoned with.

Dirke’s uncontrollable attitude also spills into his relationship with Emma, a long-suffering woman. Dirke’s abusive way leaves her cold and broken. Emma neither has anything left to give to their relationship nor any place nor means to escape her situation. She fears and resents Dirke. Her feelings don’t go unnoticed – Dirke can feel Emma is slipping away from him. The thought that he cannot control her feelings makes him out of control all the more.

Two Rivers represents two bodies of water that can’t be merged. It’s Dirke and Emma’s Mesopotamia. A tale of tainted love that has gone past the point of no return.


A Voice From Mauthausen

Director  Luigi Sperduti

  • United States


This short film is based on the incredible life of Lt. Cmdr. Jack Taylor, USNR, with emphasis on his innovative tactical warfare missions with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in World War II, his capture behind enemy lines, incarceration in a prisoner of war (POW) camp and subsequently a concentration camp, and his testimony at the Nuremburg and Dachau war crimes trials. Taylor was given a death sentence by the Nazis, but the concentration camp at Mauthausen was liberated only two days before his scheduled execution. U.S. Navy Cross recipient Taylor was instrumental in the development of the first Navy SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) tactics and equipment, and utilized them on over a dozen missions.


Director: Paul Jerndal

  • Sweden



Indigo is a award winning dramatic short film about alienation on the inside.

Two young, lost souls in New York City share a common struggle - they are stuck in lives they do not feel they belong. She is an adored actress and he, a bike messenger. On the outside they seem like each others opposite, but on the inside they are the same- dehumanized by an internal loneliness that alienates them from feeling alive.

The claws of loneliness affect both characters the same, unconcerned with the typical borders of power and privilege. Synchronicity begins to mirror their lives, and they finally reach a breaking point. It is in this moment, they must choose to find that brave breath- a self power that brings them in touch with truth and the chance to change their trajectory. Both of them make a decision that will bring them back to their true selves and in turn, closer to each other.


Love at First Sight

Director: Mark Playne

  • United Kingdom


A Shy Lonely Young Man (SLYM) arrives in a new country, in a strange new town.
His world is suddenly lit up when he spots his beautiful neighbour on the balcony opposite his new room.
He tries desperately to be noticed, yet she remains stubbornly oblivious to his infatuation.
SLYM is not giving up though – he has one more idea to try.
Can he catch her attention and win her heart?

Between Black and White


Directors  Socrates Alafouzos

  • Greece


The hero embarks on an inner journey to find his suppressed childhood self. Memory guides him to observe selected scenes from his boyhood while his subconscious protects him from the stark, black and white reality by presenting the past in richly colored dream-like sequences. A journey of forgiveness and self-acceptance that leads back to life.


Director   Andréa Prado


Businessman lives a systematic life in a society of masked people. One day, while cruising a mysterious person, these routine changes in an unexpected way, of incessant search for his identity.

Once upon a dream

Director Anthony Nion

  • Belgium


When Valentin meets Ludivine, he is convinced she's the girl he has been dreaming of for the past weeks... Litteraly, the girl of his dreams ! So he sets out to live it fully. Only, Ludivine has a feeling this boy meet girl scenario will take a nightmarish turn...



  • Italy


That day had come just for him and now everything was in place, ready to enter on stage.


Director  Wen-Tang Cheng

  • Taiwan



“Yang” was a desperate poor Taiwanese young man trying to find work in Tokyo. After being employed by a newspaper delivery stand he thought he could bring an end to the family’s misfortune.

This Is Your Life

Director: Andrea Franceschini

  • Italy

Adam is a a modern-day Nabucco, willing to behave like the Almighty inventing the life of people just like a screenwriter. One day he receives the surprising visit of a misterious man. For Adam, this is a violation of the arbitrary and relative rules that have always (auto)dominated him and his daughters, Veronica and Maya.
The man seeks to awaken faith, compassion and hope in Adam instead, not to comply with an order, but to make him aware of his mistakes and make him accept his own humanity.
Viewers may find themselves in this path of images as well. The multiple levels of interpretation on which this short movie is built offer a rereading of the opera "Nabucco", but also an opportunity to look inward, to examine our own choices, and embrace t
he freedom to live another life.


Director: RIMA IRANI

  • Lebanon


A patient is attending a session with his hypnotherapist.The purpose is to travel back to childhood through the milestones of the whole past life.We can feel the conflict and the complexity.The theme is waking hypnosis.The first step is the pre-talk while the therapist prepares the patient for the long journey.Then comes the induction which is the familiarization and training to carry on with the journey.Last comes the regression towards the past while the patient tries to forgive-by force & the hypnotherapist's simulation-perpetrated sins & harm that was done by others to him.And this is the only means to live in peace and harmony.Latest will be future pacing in the trip back from past to the present and ultimately deriving conclusion for a peaceful, harmonious future.N*B: All scenes are illustrated in SFX, VFX and surrealistic atmosphere.

The Eulogy Of Pini Gurevich

Director: Jacob Nes-El

  • Israel.


Yoni Kaplan, an actor in the beginning of his career, gets a bizarre job, to read a eulogy written by the deceased in his own funeral.
This odd job would change his life….



  • Italy



A young man is marked by pain over the loss of his mather.


Director  Maksut Vezgishi

  • Belgium

HAAL …space / man / distance / no recognition / strange behavior / interpaysage …
exploration of an alien world, a world that every day is far more, it's not close, if we do not know ... have opposite walls, installations by different directions ... I'll ask, will investigate will destroy you will overcome them, will touch you … however we are constantly facing the other way before … this bone which we choose in the beginning to search beyond other ... together or each way leaves its marks in space called the world.

The Moths

Director  Wen-Tang Cheng

  • Taiwan


The moths are usually found in the forsaken part of the city as if they were the species chosen to survive in a forgotten land.
Misue, 35, is an entomologist. As her lover failed her, she felt a strong and mysterious connection between her and a younger woman Xiang, who was visiting the site of an old torn house where Xiang was brought up by her now deceased grandparents.
… See more See less

Tadareru/Becomes Sore

Director  Keishi Suenaga

  • Japan


Two women. Their beauty and ugliness. Black and white.

Kazuya and Miyuki Matsuhashi's May-December marriage has lost its spark. It's already been four days since Miyuki's younger sister, Chiharu, showed up on their doorstep. Living each day in frustration, Miyuki can't bear Chiharu's reckless abandon, nor her husband's favourable treatment of Chiharu any longer. One day on her way home, Miyuki spots Kazuya and Chiharu holding hands, and her suspicion grows...

Those Days When We Were Young


  • Taiwan



He came to Taiwan in 1949 as a “cell” for the communist. But all he really did was bring hell to the girl that married him.

Old Seafarer


  • Taiwan


Blue Island is out in the Pacific, East to Taiwan.
Dawu tribe is the original habitant that always had trouble identify themselves with Taiwanese culture. Young lovers are lost trying to find their future in Taiwan.

New Blood: Wild chronicle of Beirut

Director  Christophe Karabache

  • France



A filmmaker attempts to begin a feature film project in a disturbing and unusual area in suburb of Beirut.

Looking for Mr. Right Now

Director: Anne Chahine

  • Germany


The short documentary "Looking for Mr. Right Now" is an attempt to understand the current phenomenon of virtual dating in the form of mobile dating-apps such as Tinder. The filmmaker Anne Chahine establishes a dialog with men and women of different ages and social class and engages with their experiences, desires and expectations with this kind of partner search. Unusual vacant impressions of the German capital Berlin allow the audience to reflect on the topic on a personal scale.

Spring Beauty


  • Taiwan



“Spring Beauty ” is the name of the heroine in a once very popular video game, and she always comes back to life if you just put in another coin right after you lose.
A middle-aged man came across another player in a bar one night, they talked about the techniques of winning “Spring Beauty” and realized how lost they are in life.

Game of life


Director: Vialleton Agnès

  • France




Mathias and Alex meet in the early morning, on a small parking lot in the middle of nowhere. The two men know each other well, but they seem to be worlds apart. However, they share a secret. This year again, nothing could distract them from what they're determined to accomplish.
What will their mysterious and whimsical undertaking reveal?


Director: Tyler Wallach

  • United States


After school, Danny, an innocent 11 year old, retreats to his refuge, the frog pond. After catching a frog, he steps outside his comfort zone and ventures further upstream. It is here, in dark woods, that he comes face to face with the neighborhood bullies. They proceed to teach him a cruel lesson on the penalties of trespassing and kill his frog. Frog is a story of innocence, cruelty and triumph that focuses on Danny’s quest to seek justice.


Director: Luca Marcionelli

  • Switzerland




Three friends, addicted to scratch cards, are forced to quit cold turkey.

Only Child

Director  Andy Toovey

     United Kingdom







A gypsy couple struggle to grieve the loss of the child they conceived during an affair.

Eva lives as an outsider within the gypsy community, stranded between the sporadic affections of her workaholic husband Yuri, and the lustful intent of gypsy leader, Davro. Whilst Yuri is out one day, Eva and Davro sleep together. When Eva discovers she is pregnant, Davro takes lethal action to keep scandal under wraps, by tasking Yuri with a dangerous job at the quarry. The community mourns Yuri’s death, and Davro steps in as provider for Eva. The couple prepare for the birth of the baby, but as the due date approaches, Eva wakes one night with heavy bleeding. Tragically the baby is delivered stillborn. In the silent days that follow, they try and fail to find a way forward through grief, both burying themselves in mundane distractions rather than facing each other. Eva obsesses over weaving a wreath from feathers, 

Maintenance Required

Director: Juan Carlos Falcon

  • United States


When Nappy, an overprotected simpleton in his 40's, loses his mother, he decides to journey to Las Vegas to find the love of his life.


Director  Omri Burstyn

  • Israel


Ali, a Palestinian-Israeli teenager, tries to fit in with an Israeli activist peace group, but in a violent stricken society getting hurt is inevitable.

A Shadow of Dara

Director: Kirill Proskura

  • United Kingdom


A leader of a rebellion risks everything to find a powerful commander of an alien world who's been captured by enemies and put into a fabricated reality for the extraction of valuable information.

A coffee cup

Director: Arnaud Clary

  • France


Romain Bondurant, a junior insurance company worker, wakes up late for work and rushes to get ready. In his haste, he fails to notice he is being burgled by a gang of organized thieves. But on his way to the office, Romain spills coffee on himself and decides to head home to change…


Director: Marcus Fiebig

  • Germany



12 years ago, Marcus, a German volunteer, spent one year in Bolivia and worked at an orphanage. Back in those days, he made many friendships. Now he returns to search for those kids that became adults.

The Freezer



  • Taiwan


Before one opens the refrigerator, it’s always dark in there. Everything buried in the frost yet looking fresh.
Maybe long term relationships are like that, one assumes some parts stay frozen even when the refrigerator door is opened and the small light bulb inside lights up.

Wound Internal Night

Director: Pedro Maldonado

  • Italy



A woman tries to heal a deep wound by meeting a young guy, who shares with her a deep bond.

Prison at Home

Director: Sébastien Bellaval

  • France



In a near future where citizens are able to host a prisoner at their home in return for a stipend, a young father tries to save his crumbling mariage by applying to this new experiment but he starts to understand his own self interest could be to the detriment of the human being.

Such a small world


Director: Emilia Ruiz

  • Spain



Isabel is an octogenarian woman who lives alone at home and hardly relates to her neighbours. She hasn’t slept much the night before and the day seems longer than usual. Absorbed in her memories and daily activities, Isabel will come across a feeling that has lived within her throughout her life.


Director  Herman Perera

  • Australia


There are two women in George's life. The women have two things in common, their hate for each other and their determination to inherit the old man's house. How far will they go to get what they want?

Clemency of Silence

Director  Rahman Mani

A housewife finds herself in a twisted tale. Constantly being thrown into situations where she comes across the dilemma of whether to protect her loved ones or seek revenge. Having to decide what to prioritize eventually realizes the prominence of clemency. Vengeance in a moment subsides and is replaced by Mercy and Love.

Blue notes

Director   FRANCOIS Simon

J met the Dwarf in a drunken evening in a bar in Paris. He reveals to him the existence of a strange plot against the unemployed. The next day, J proves to be a target of this conspiracy.

The Blue Nocturne


Directors  Kyle Rogers

  • United States



Director: Yacine Badday

  • France


It’s Elias’s thirtieth birthday, an opportunity to display and celebrate his professional success. Behind the scenes, his relationship is falling appart.

Down Payment


Directors  Marios Piperides

  • Cyprus


Cyprus 2014. Giannis, trying to find a way to change his monotonous life and make his business dream come true, is faced with a dilemma.

Dry Earth


Directors  Karlos Alastruey

  • Spain



After the collapse of Capitalism and the disintegration of the European states, a family tries to survive in an isolated house.


Director: Charlène FAVIER

  • France


Anna never leaves her backpack and do not come-back often in France. Discovering a lump in her breast, she goes to a gynecologist who tells her that it is worrying. For Anna, it’s the moment to return in Corsica, to face her history, her inherit, her father.

An Almost Forgotten Boarding House


Director: Rui Goulart

  • Portugal




He knew the Boarding House didn’t exist anymore. It was closed. But he invited the last guests who were actually his old film crew people for a last trip to the same Boarding House. But he continued his journey with a Lolita while he recalled the past.

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