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Film Gallery   May 2016


Our goal is the distribution of cinematography and the creation of a relationship between film producers, authors, distributors, reviewers and audiences. Our festival - celebration, not stiff competition

Our site will serve as a meeting place with wonderful works, selected by our team, for movie lovers from around the world.

All copyrights belong to their authors.  By clicking on "Trailer" you go to the original resource.  If you would like to contact the author, tell us and we will let the them know.

Dear submitter, if you want to make additions or changes to the published material, please contact us by email.

All officially selected projects are available on the festival website


Our festival selects works in accordance with the following criteria - 

- An interesting idea, theme
- Professional quality performance by means of the works category: 
    animation, music, acting etc. 
- Message, moral values, presented to the audience by means of art.

Each winner is marked with Laurels on your page.



With love and gratitude


NNF festival team.


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