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Director  Wolfgang Els

  • Austria



Centropa’s most unusual film to date. Shelly Weiner and Raya Kizhnerman live in Greensboro, NC. But these two kindly grandmothers were born in the bustling city of Rivne—then in Poland, now in Ukraine. In 1941 20,000 Jews lived in Rivne, but when the German Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS stormed into town, they planned on murdering every Jew they could find. How Shelly and Raya survived the massacre is a story they tell themselves, not long after they visited Rivne in 2013.

My Mother




The Chinese mothers always have a bigger place in their hearts for their sons, or one of their sons. And somehow with mothers like these, their daughters seem to learn more about love and femininity.

Let's Dance To The Rhythm


Director  Bardroy Barretto

  • India



The bitter sweet relationship between a young singer and her musician mentor set against the backdrop of the jazz clubs of Bombay and the musicians from Goa during the 60s.

In the 1960s Lawry a young Goan musician playing in the nightclubs of Bombay, returns to Goa to find a singer for his band where he meets Dona. While Lawry moulds the impressionable young Dona into a talented singer, they fall deeply in love. The emotional rollercoaster of a love story is destined to tragedy.

The film weaves its lilting narrative through 20 timeless songs
Based on actual events this quasi-biographical film is a tribute to one of Goa’s greatest, yet barely acknowledged legacy - its musicians, who once upon a time set the jazz clubs of Bombay on fire and actually shaped the music of Bollywood cinema.
Nachom-ia Kumpasar is a nostalgic musical tale set in the times these musicians lived and died in - unrecognized, unappreciated…and unsung.


Happy those who cry

Director   Marcelo Torcida

  • Paraguay

Juan is a boy from a wealthy family who doesn’t seem to find his way in life. This annoys Ricardo, his father, who can’t stand watching his son waste his time partying with friends. Tired of his father’s reproaches, Juan wants to move out of his parents’ house but doesn’t have the money to provide for himself.
Emilio, a guy in his band, convinces him that any means is valid if it helps him get what he wants. So, he “helps” Juan by introducing him to a group of drug dealers from the slums of the city. Unfortunately for Juan, things don’t go well and he gets beaten up, but he manages to get away from his aggressors. Badly injured, he collapses by a stream which carries the city’s trash after each storm. There he is found by a group of poor kids who have to collect trash to make a living.
Immediately after this, Jose, their leader, decides to take him to the dispensary in his church, in charge of father Mario, who is also a doctor. Despite his serious condition, they keep him hidden in order to find out who´s behind this, given that the neighborhood where Mario does missionary work is well-known for its violence, perpetrated, not only by the dealers, but also by a corrupt police force in complicity with crime. Once Mario finds out that Juan´s father is Ricardo, a classmate who he hasn´t seen since the end of high school, he and Jose are more determined than ever to face many dangers in order to recover Juan and take him back home to his parents.
A story full of hope and redemption.


Not knowing who you are is a beautiful source of surprises


Director  Karl Sterner

  • Sweden


Johan’s girlfriend, Annelie, has left him one month before their wedding. To help him get away his best friend, Markus, buys him an interrail ticket and sends him off alone on a journey full of challenges. Challenges both the natural once appearing from the nature of travelling but also certain challenges that Markus texts and forces him to do.

The journey starts in Sweden and heads through Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and ends up in Lisbon, Portugal. Along the way his encounters with other lost souls help him see things from another perspective and this new friendship with a Russian girl, Nadia, shows him that life together with Annelie wasn’t so great after all. Later on when Annelie has another sudden change of heart and starts looking for Johan he is no longer sure of what he wants.

I am Going to Make a Miracle

Director  Beverly Andrews

  • United Kingdom


I am Going to Make a Miracle looks at the work of the UK based Arcola Theatre and it's Turkish born charismatic artistic director, Mehmet Ergen. The film covers a six month period and includes highlights from five of the theatre's most recent, critically acclaimed productions. The film also highlights the company's desperate fight to secure its financial future.



United States


Once upon a time, there was a little girl, the most beautiful little girl one could ever see, who lived in a town near the forest and everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood. As she was going to visit her grandmother who was hill, dawdling along in the woods... What happened next? Nothing you've ever heard before...





A distraught young woman leaves work and goes randomly walk in the city. Approaching a film shoot her sadness will strangely coincide with the feeling asked by the director to his actress...


"...In the Dark"


Director: David Spaltro

  • United States


Skeptical grad student, Veronica Carpenter (Lynn Justinger), interviews renowned paranormal specialist, Dr. Lois Kearne (Fiona Horrigan), for her thesis on the benefits of her supernatural research in regards to modern psychology, and joins her on a field study trip to a Brooklyn family home supposedly “besieged by evil spirits”. Once at the residence of nurse Joan Mills (Catherine Cobb Ryan) and Bethany (Grace Folsom), her recently returned daughter, the investigators are immediately confronted with dark secrets, darker energies, unexplainably horrific events, and a young girl who’s affliction tests the boundaries of all their collective research and experience, forcing everyone to confront their own haunted pasts and demons. And what exactly is lying hungrily in wait “…In the Dark”.

End of A Century: Miea's Story



  • Taiwan



When the first western fashion magazine was imported to this oriental city a lot was changed, the value, the perspective, the core of life. Miea is a model. This is her story.




Three mornings a woman's life , the remains of a couple, the unspeakable loss of a child and the whistle of
black coffee.

Breeze and Drizzle


  • Taiwan



It was a privilege for the boy to join his father on a business trip, but unfortunately after this trip his respect for his parents was completely lost. He was around 10. He never mentioned this trip to anyone ever after.
Now he’s forty, and he has to accompany his father again, this time on the old man’s last homecoming journey. He brought his own son, and didn’t realize that he was to learn something about being a father at the end of the day.





Eduardo is a young undergraduate whose ordinary life changes when a series of strange dreams chase after him. Edu will make a ouija with his friends and this will open the evil doors.



Director Mark Hamilton Gruchy

  • United Kingdom


RED THROUGH THE GLASS (wherever you go)


Director: Alberto Tempi

  • Italy


this is the story of the loss of a priest who questions on issues of faith and existence , acceptance of life and death , through a path between dream and travel . a film about ghosts , the dead and in the limbo of constant fade in which the loss where the music of the film replaces the words and where the other music , the one that you do not hear with your ears but with the body and eyes , accompanies the priest and the viewer . Is this my story? your story? the story of all?

Challah It Forward

Director: Marc Kornblatt

  • United States


Storyteller Daniel Barash and his daughter Aviva build community and spread good cheer one loaf of bread at a time.

Bachelor Games

Director  Edward McGown

  • United Kingdom

A group of friends on a stag weekend in the mountains of Argentina are picked off by a dark force called "The Hunter", but all is not what it seems.

Come Back Jeetu

Director Jaswinder Singh Gandhi 

  • India


This movie is dedicated to those innocent girls, daughters, sisters & mothers who are being compelled to walk on the razor’s edge & burning in the flames of DRUG ADDICTION with no fault of theirs.


Director: Philip Clayton-Thompson

  • United States



WINNER: Columbia Gorge International, Film Festival, Lionshead Film Festival, Phoenix Comicon FF, NYCIFF & Philadelphia Independent Film Festival & Oregon International Film Festival I want to reinvent how documentaries are watched!

Thousands of short films are watched by few people beyond film festivals, mine included. The most watched videos today are Music Videos. So, I took a political event and put it to music & lyrics and set it to footage from my 1972 documentary on 'The Troubles' in Ardoyne, Belfast, Ireland, which won the 1973 Chicago Film Festival.

38 forward thinking International Film Festivals have officially selected our 2014 film "Ardoyne" and its innovative format.


Dark Ocean

Director: Afshin & Kourosh Toussipour (New Zealanders)

  • Australia


Kian has lost his wife and daughter while immigrating to Australia by boat and he tries to go on with his life, but he can't live without his family.

Nostradamus Experiment

Director: Paul Grizak

  • Germany


Four students travel to France to make a film about themselves contacting the great prophet Nostradamus. The experiment is not only complicated, but also dangerous. How dangerous the experiment really is, they find out after contacting Nostradamus. What in the beginning seemed to be a cool project, arises to a struggle of run for your life and ends in a disaster. The student who filmed all this, edited the footage to a movie to warn people, don't play with powers you don't understand.

Total Animal III

Director: Guerlotte Tristan

  • France


Total animal III is an experimental audiovisual creation, digitally enhanced and musically intense. The space is timeless, dark, misshapen and translucid. Submerged beings plasticized with sensual vibrations are breaking under destructive sounds. These creatures clot together in their oleaginous universe all the way to total annihilation.



  • India


“DASEIN” is a non linear, post modern, meta-narrative film. It tells the story of a young painter Aniket Chatterjee, who commits suicide by taking sleeping pills. When he slowly approaches towards death, standing at the boundary of life and death, what comes to his mind, what he realises, this film is all about that. It is a voyage from one’s consciousness to sub consciousness and at times the boundary becomes blurring.





Zeljko lost his sight when he was very young. Mirjana is a single parent who lives with her son David. The neighbor Nina, secretly in love with Zeljko, finds out that he is given a guide dog named Alke. Zeljko takes Alke for a walk the next day.

Pure Heroine

Director: Lou Inglebert

  • France



Alix is at odd with her father since her mother's death 2 years ago. She still hopes to get money from her father for her new flat deposit. But he won't let her move in together with a Muslim married man. Father and daughter argue about the cause of the mother's death for the sake of morality.
Alix eventually clears up the liaison her father had, with the lover herself.






  • Russian Federation


A mysterious man comes to the lonely private detective. He argues that Hollywood actress M.Monroe is alive and asks him to find her.

The buddha,the red shoes and the kite

Director  Li Bin

  • China



A sixteen-year-old juvenile offender was rescued to the Pingan Temple by the abbot on the day when he was discharged from prison accidently. The abbot gave him an kite.He got used to the life in temple gradually. Until one day a woman came. He often watched her dancing slinkingly. He found out the woman was a prostitute unintentionally. And he witnessed that she killed a man who had an affair with her by accident. He had to choose between law and affection. The abbot fled to the temple years ago because he raped his adopted daughter. However he couldn't get out of it. This three people went downhills and found the adopted daughter had been living a happy life. Then they left. After that the abbot passed away. The prostitute was caught. The boy stayed at the temple and became the next abbot.

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