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Dance of the Blessed Spirits

Writer: Matt Pacini


  • United States

  • Number of Pages  113

  • Dance of the Blessed Spirits is the story of a man who inherits an 18th century mansion in Georgia, quickly spiraling into the depths of insanity as he is confronted by the ghosts of the murdered slaves of his great, great grandfather - Confederate General James Longstreet.

Writing The End

Writer: Massimiliano Mauceri


  • Italy

  • Number of Pages: 86

  • A story of revenge. Just one location. Just one character. A writer trapped in his car receives a call from a murderous stranger. He only chance for survival is to invent a new ending for himself.


Writer: Charlie Canning


  • United States 

  • Number of Pages  145

  • Seven juvenile offenders on leave from reform school are doing the 850-mile Shikoku Pilgrimage of 88 Temples in Japan on foot with a counselor and some assigned wardens from the state. After an incident near one of the temples, a teen-aged boy and girl flee the group to light out on their own. As the two had been incarcerated for killing their classmates while at school in retaliation for bullying, their flight sparks a nationwide manhunt.

Luther's Gang

Writer: Massimiliano Mauceri


  • Italy

  • Number of Pages: 111

  • Six killers, seven missions, one man to save: the boss' son.
    Missions follow one after the other in a dramatic succession of action and plot twists marked by deception, lies, and betrayal.


Writer Timothy Benson

  • United States

  • Number of Pages: 19

  • A teenage girl and her two younger siblings, struggle to understand their own self-worth and the concept of family after years of abuse, neglect and abandonment.




Writer Junna Wang


Number of pages: 97


A tiny elf sets out on a delivery mission when it turns out to be a journey of self discovery.

Deli Takeout (Pilot Episode of Brooklyn Deli)

Writer Jim Norman

  • United States

  • Number of Pages:  24


Max Kalb is a counterman at a Brooklyn delicatessen, circa 1925. Among his regular customers are six mob hit men for hire. One of the hoodlums suspects that his wife is cheating on him and gets Max to help find out who the man is. Max finds out, but it's not what they think is going on. The series is The Sopranos meets Seinfeld.


Writer Tiziano Cella


  • Italy

  • Number of Pages  97

  • After the War of Two Worlds everything has changed. Nirvana and Babel are the only organizations left to rule the entire planet.


Three Steps to Heaven

Writer: Matt Pacini

United States

Number of Pages  115


A paraplegic woman must overcome her fears of betrayal, and an ex-lover in order to accept the love of the doctor attempting to heal her.

Through My Daughter's Eyes

Writer Dallas Burgess


  • United States

  • Number of Pages:  99


A young girl must save her family in the aftermath of her fathers deployment to Iraq.

Appointment in Jerusalem

Writers Jonathan Cook Brent Whiteside


  • United States

  • Number of Pages:132

She left find purpose. This is a true story of a well-respected Danish schoolteacher Lydia Christensen, who in the late 1920's, left her career, family, and a male suitor while moving to Jerusalem. She soon comes into contact with a sick baby Jewish girl, whom she nurtures back to health. She then adopts other abandoned and ill children and finds true love and happiness in her new life.



Lilith The Vampire

Writer Jose Padilha


  • Brazil

  • Number of Pages:120

In 1484, in Germany, after travel to the Carpathian Mountains, in Church’s default of appearance, a Knight of the Order of the Cross saves a woman, a prisoner accused of witchcraft, taking her as his wife.
Twelve years later, the knight’s wife discovers a secret book and makes a spellcasting invoking Lilith. Lilith invades the knight’s hut; Lilith kills the knight and transforms the woman on Vampire. Lilith and the woman become lovers.
They cross six centuries and several continents, liberating and transforming other women in vampires.
Finally in 2016 in New York City, they fight a battle with the descendants of the Order of the Cross’ Knights.

A Just Cause

Writers John Hart


  • United States

  • Number of Pages: 100

  • Jack Kelly is a young, ambitious salesman working for a high tech company developing robotics systems for the military. Jack holds on to the American dream for success, and all of the material gains success offers. Returning home from a military exercise to demonstrate the effectiveness of his robotics, Jack picks up a book about conflict in the Middle East to read on the plane. The book is an eye opener for Jack, who like most Americans, had a vague understanding of the political unrest in the Middle East and new nothing at all of the history dating back to 1948. 


D. T.


  • United States

  • Number of Pages:110



The Job Offer

Writer: Massimiliano Mauceri


  • Italy

  • Number of Pages: 94

The wife of the president of a major company has a secret relationship with the chief of staff, but the president finds out. He decides to hire a new employee for a job that soon turns into blackmail: if the new employee doesn’t kill the chief of staff, the president will fire him.


Writer: Charlie Canning


  • United States

  • Number of Pages 130

The title comes from Henry David Thoreau’s celebrated refusal to pay his poll tax to the United States Government because of his opposition to the Mexican War. Thoreau spent a night in a Concord, Massachusetts jail to protest what he thought was a blatant land-grab to further the institution of slavery.

John Brown didn't like slavery either. But unlike Thoreau who advocated civil disobedience, Brown believed that the only way to free the slaves was through armed insurrection.



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