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Where does my love go?

Writer: Miwa Ono

  • Japan

    Number of Pages 7

  • The heroine Lisa who ran away to the foreign country from the closed life with her strict brother met with a boy named Tohru where she travelled and falls in love with him. He is the one whom she dreams very often in her dream. Before long a fun time passes very fast and a disaster comes over her...

The Wish




Number of Pages  9  


What can you do to alleviate someone's grief when someone you love dies. Brian is wishing away his wife's grief.



Writer Ron Leach

  • Canada

  • Number of Pages:  9


A young man struggles with his choice to transition to female, amidst the hyper-machismo world of inner-city basketball.



Brotherly Love

Writer Alfie Gonzalez

  • United States

  • Number of Pages:  19


Sturmbannfuehrer FRANZ GRUBER held captive in a dark basement controlled by the Resistance. Gruber's fate is sealed and his execution awaits but before the execution SAMUEL RYAN, an American Nazi hunter, who has personally assigned himself to interrogate Gruber. Both men share a bond which Gruber is unaware of.
Ryan's goal is to reveal this bond to Gruber by discussing the crime Gruber has been incarcerated for.


Worlds' Collide: TVP

Writer Jamon Holmes


Number of Pages  3

After developing Humanoid Machine prototype designed to seek and destroy all extraterrestrial hostiles in the universe at Sky Net Industries. Melody Young CEO, Lab Tech, and Designer is stalked and attacked by an unearthly humanoid figure on the way home. After being cornered in an alleyway and unsung hero comes to her rescue.

A miracle

Writer  Tali Alon


  • Israel

  • Number of Pages:10


This is a story about a day in the life of an Israeli citizen of Arab descent who fears that her husband was injured in a terrorist attack, attempts to find out what happened to her husband, her Arab identity collide and create personal and political dilemmas that lead to her getting hurt her people



Two windows

Writer: S. V. Marcolla


Number of Pages 8


Two very different couples are similarly falling out of love: is talking to each other the real solution?

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