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Muriel Paraboni

Appreciated a lot to have the short experimental "Eventide" finalist at this brillant festival, glad to be among so many great films. Near Nazareth Festival is a serious and committed event, with good communication level and constant online updating, whats is really valuable for the movie exposure. Wish the whole team much success for the next editions!

Naomi Lisner

Thank you near Nazareth for awarding my short Hannah Rosenthal as a semi finalist. I look forward to submitting more and hopefully going to Israel in the near future.

Natalie Jean

Great Communication. Awesome festival!! It was great to be part of the online screening.

lourival chiarentin

Thank you Near Nazareth for the opportunity to be part of this exiting event. Your communication with the ones who participate of the festival is the best. I will definitely submit again all my future projects.

Allen Dobrovolsky

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your festival. It was a great experience.

Danny Weiss

The Near Nazareth Festival has exceptional communication and service in all respects with quick responses, follow-ups, and updates. A friendly organized team of professionals who truly value your hard work with an unsurpassed added value of dedication and support.
We look forward to submitting our next screenplay!
Also, we deeply appreciate you choosing our two screenplays as an official Selection and Finalists!

Eduardo Rufeisen

Very professional and caring with the filmmakers.

Joaquim Haickel

We were very happy that our film was chosen to take part in this important festival!

Jose Rivera

Great Festival. Our film "Trial" made it to the semi-finals. Our families in Israel are excited what G-D has done with this short film. Looking forward to next year with a feature film submission.


Thanks You So Much NNF


Mort Laitner‎ 


Near Nazareth Winning laurel On May 12, 2016, the Near Nazareth Film Festival accepted "The Stairs" to be shown to live audiences in Israel. Forty-three (43) films in our short film category made the cut. I have no idea how many movies were not accepted.

On June 6, 2016, six (6) winners were announced via Facebook out of the forty three.

As I scroll down the winners list, my heart raced. My eyes caught it. There we were the third film down on the list. There next to our poster, I saw two sets of winner laurels. A smile broke out across my face. The tips of my lips touched my lower earlobes.

We made the cut!

We were accepted as an award winner!

It felt like got a scholarship. (I really don't know that feeling having never gotten one.) This is our second win but it tastes sweeter than our first. I studied the quality and estimated the production costs spent by our competition on their movies. They must have spent 10 to 15 times as much as we did. I was amazed. Beating quality competition from around the world is were it is at.

We tied films from Argentina, Italy, Germany and the States.

But here is the kicker! 

Our cast is in some good company. Starring in one of the films we tied was Academy Award winner Eli Wallach. You remember him in "The Magnificent Seven" and as Tuco in "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966). A movie I have watched at least ten times and a few of those times was with my dad.

Wallach also starred in "The Godfather Part III" and he has won some Tony and Emmy awards.

Finally, I wanted to give you the world-wide geographic scope of the completion that did not make the cut. Here are the countries: Spain, Australia, Israel, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Singapore, Hungary, Netherlands, France, Turkey, Korea, Ukraine, Greece and Belgium.

I am blown away and want to again give thanks to the cast, the crew, the director and all the members of our production company for giving our film their best.
 Please remember to RSVP if you are attending our world premiere on June 25.


Szymon Jan Sinoff

Dear friends,

Being a part of the Festival was a pleasure and honor. Thank you so much! I hope we will meet in the future.


Alexis Chaviaras

I love the concept of celebration, not stiff competition.


Giorgi Tkemaladze

This is a special film - festival! The cost is very impressive. Festival with a very large audience.



Excellent Festival. Will submit again. Unfortunately I was unable to attend in person, so I can't comment about the hospitality and networking aspects. Was proud to be part of this festival.

Patrick Templin

very nice team, and very communicative guys.

Nadav Mishali

Near Nazareth it's a wonderful film festival in the North of Israel which is gives a great platform for any filmmaker and Kind of films from all over the world

Pedro Jaen R.

Very good festival! Interesting content. You help greatly to promote new films and authors

Pedro Solís García

Special festival. I was unable to attend in person.  Good communication

Heaven Kid

This is indeed a great film festival. Not only is the organization perfect, but the service is wonderful as well. We enjoyed being part of it

Hans Tauscheck

Great concept, great festival, definitely 5 stars!

Dominika Smiechowska & Hans Tauscheck

Massimiliano Mauceri

Great Festival! I really recommend it!

Catalina Jordan Alvarez

The festival itself might be great (I wasn't there), but out of all of their "official selections" they only screen a few...

Gary Winstead

They are doing a marvelous job of keeping me informed as to the progress of the festival. 5 stars all around.

Mikhail Uchitelev

The films shown at the festival are mostly of high quality. A number of films shown at the festival are winners of several other renominated festivals. Taking into account that there are a very few short film festivals in Israel the value of the festival shouldn't be underestimated. Festival coordinators answer the e-mails within 24 hours (but don't expect an answer on Saturdays!). The overall atmosphere of the festival was welcoming and warm.

Rufat Asadov

Thank you! Very good festival! Festival coordinators answer the e-mails within 24 hours . The overall atmosphere of the festival was welcoming and warm.

Afshin Toussipour

Thank you 


NNF is a very competitive and important film festival of recent time.

Joe Chang

very good festival !

Maria Aliaga

Unfortunately we didn't attend The festival... But we are really happy because we are winners. We aré really thanked with The festival! 

Ye-eun. Son.

Film was very attractive . 
I was happy to be able to see a good movie .


Herman Perera

Could not attend the festival personally, proud that my film was accepted to be included in the 2016 festival, and, hope to enter my next project too. Till then ... Cheers.

Drew Lewis

I really enjoy the festival. I got a lot of support. I hope to sign up for the Near Nazareth Festival again.


Daniel Hale

I am writing to you as I thank you for recognizing my photos to be award at the Near Nazareth Festival! 

I will see to submit another another project in the future. Thank you again!


Xavier Pijuan

My name is Xavier Pijuan. I'm the director of the short film "The Great Adventure of Manel and the Magic Toothpicks"

I have received this wonderful mail with the incredible news that my short film is one of the five winners in the "children category" of your festival. It's a great news!

I'm very happy for this awesome recognition!

Many thanks!!


Sabine Golz

Dear NNF staff --
thank you so much for the laurels, and for the honor of selecting us to participate! We hope to be part of NNF again with a new film in the future!
In the meantime, we wish you all the best and success with the festival!


René Nuijens 

Dear NNF festival Team,
Thanks a lot for sending me laurel and certificate, I appreciate!
I hope your festival was a succes and that they enjoyed my little film 'Yuri on the Phone'.
I made a fourth film on Yuri Gagarin so I will apply to your festival again.
Thanks and best wishes from Amsterdam!



Emanuele Mengotti

Great festival and great experience for our project "The plague doctor"

Elisabetta Minen

Good concept, large audience, high quality. Very very good!

Maria Zak

Lovely and professional. I would recommend other film makers to apply. The certificate is an extra special touch. 

Ian Woodward

The Near Nazareth Festival is a film event bursting at the seams with heart and soul and oodles of joie de vivre. It felt good just to have one’s film being appreciated in this atmosphere of such transparent joy and goodwill – and, of course, it felt even better when my film I’LL WALK WITH GOD received a Winner laurel and certificate! But, joking apart, this is a major festival which is going places fast. An honour to be associated with such class.

Margaret Dane

This is a fantastic festival, with innovative ways of getting independent film to audiences. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this beautiful event!





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