Stay home

Directors Wagner Cinelli
Runtime 3:45
Completion Date:May 2, 2020

“Stay home” intends to contribute to collective consciousness to avoid going out during coronavirus massive spread. “Corona means crown but it won’t make you king”. Actually, it might even kill you. So, the idea is not to go on the streets unless you really need to. Stay home, and keep safe. Arrangements by Urca Bossa Jazz band, and many guest singers.

Whats the use of going on

Director Hagit Kastel Nacsholi
United States
Runtime 4:28
Completion Date: December 10, 2019

Music by Connie Cassell Tuck& Frank howel
Produced recorded mixed &mustered by Josh Walker
Creaators: Isabella Frommelt
Katarryna Napoiorkouska
Video production by Hagit Kastel Nacsholi

Piercing Vision ... alive because we love

Director Alexander Yatcentyuk
Russian Federation
Runtime 03:39
Completion Date:April 23, 2020

Look around, even if you are alone and there are no people around .... look closely and you will see that everything is blooming and Life goes on, despite all the cataclysms.

Nature (God, the Universe, the Cosmos ...) loves us like all of his creations, like the flowers of spring, like the crown of life itself ... and therefore forgives for everything ...
Пронзающее Видение…  жив, потому что любим

Spanish Lessons

Director  Katie Kamala Haley
United States
Runtime 29:51
Completion Date: May 7, 2020

An Israeli man traveling alone in Colombia hires a beautiful young woman as a tour guide to show him the city. During a weeklong adventure she gives him back his zest for life as she introduces him to the magic of Medellin.

Berlin Bernauer Straße - Time Travel (one-minute trailer)

Director Dr. Ingo Bruchhold
Runtime 29:10
Completion Date:November 16, 2014

A moving journey through time from the division to reunification.


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